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  Welcome to this brand new, 100% complete awesome game, that was shipped in time with no overtimes and absolutely zero bugs and errors involved. Just press 'START' and embark on the exciting journey of... ... wait, what was that sound?

  This game was created to show a little about a games development, our vision of it. How its annoying when you have such as stupid and non-interesting things as bugs, but some of them should be fixed to finish the game and make it playeble. So take a chair of devs and maybe you create something you will enjoy?

  (Actually you dont create something, just fix, and I don't think it will be super fun, but still, you can give it a try)

  Created during 2 days for Global Game Jam 2020

   Theme - "Repair"

  Would be coul if you leave some comments, feedback. So

  Just play a little, and enjoy

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This game had an interesting concept, like nothing I've seen before. The game mechanics were a bit clunky and confusing, but once I understood what needed to be done it was pretty interesting and engaging. I would say make the directions clearer, but that would take away from the game play of being completely thrown in without a clue what to do. It's easy enough to quickly figure out the mechanics. I thought it was creative how the png files and other assets changed the rooms and the ending credits make me laugh as I had forgotten what I was asked at the beginning of the game. Overall, a pretty amazing achievement for two days work! I would love to see more!

boticelly responds:

Thank you for your kind words!
It's interesting how you found aesthetic value in the experience of being lost at the start of the game. We designed the game around these first few moments of surprise and bewilderment, so I'm glad you've appreciated our effort :)

Great concept

boticelly responds:

I'm glad you've liked it!

Very good, especially for a game made in 2 days! A lot of great ideas.

boticelly responds:

Thanks! We've tried our best

A great game! I love how it starts, how the main menu is a part of the game. It took me quite a while to figure out what you're supposed to do at the very beginning – I assumed I need to avoid the bugs and somehow get into the rooms, which were all locked. I really didn't want to go anywhere near the scary critters, as I imagined they'd attack and I didn't want them any closer to my screen…

The individual rooms were great; I really wondered what they'd be like once I got there (by the way, if the Update function in your game does nothing, it's wise to remove it completely :)).
Although I hoped there would be some more challenge and more interesting puzzles than 'walk to everything and press 'E'', which is probably the most important thing, but I understand you probably had some time constraints.
The background noises like the people talking in the design room were a nice touch.
The inventory slot/icon design is somewhat plain and uninteresting, though.

When pressing 'Start' in the end, I had some trouble in positioning myself properly in order to be able to select it, I think the raycasts (or whatever you use there) is a bit wonky.
The final music is the victory theme from Heroes 3 – sounds great, and matches the ending, but isn't it copyrighted? If so, you should probably replace it with something else to prevent the game from being taken down.

Anyway, for a jam game, it's definitely a very solid entry, and stands well as a meta-game on its own.

boticelly responds:

Thanks for the detailed review!
I'll have to check about the music, thanks for noticing.

Pretty neat idea, but it could be longer

boticelly responds:

Thanks! It indeed could have been longer, but our development time was very limited

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3.34 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2020
11:28 AM EDT
  • Unity