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City Escape 2

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Jogger 10 Points

Outrun the fuzz in level one

Police Provoking 10 Points

Lose the blues in level two

Runner 25 Points

Break free from the PD in level three

Brute Force 50 Points

Settle the score in level four

City Escaper 50 Points

Make it out alive in level five

Stubborn 100 Points

Refuse to get on the train for 60 seconds in level 5

Author Comments

Sshhh! Here's an explanation of the game rules, if you keep it between us: You’re on the run from the fuzz, and if the blinding police lights reach you then it’s game over. To escape, you gotta run and jump from building to building. If you fall to the ground you'll want to get back up ASAP, cause running into pedestrians will cause you to trip and lose speed! Try dodging them until you reach a platform low enough to jump onto, or try to springboard back up. Oh, and I hear that "The Man" has officers stationed on rooftops to block you!

Here’s what the establishment doesn’t want you to know: You can use the up arrow, W key or south gamepad button to jump! Your jump height depends on how quickly you let go of the input.

Now don't go spilling what I'm about to tell you: Parkour vault over police officers or pedestrians to boost yourself! Right before running into ‘em, you’ll see a purple icon above you. That’s when you hit the right arrow, D key or east gamepad button, but you’ll lose speed if you’re too early or late.

You didn't hear it from me, but peep this info: Hit the jump button right before running into someone and you'll springboard way into the air! It can help you get back up from the ground, and you’ll need to do it to finish later levels. I recommend practicing in the tutorial.

Don't go runnin' your mouth off about this either: You can use the M key to mute the music or the N key to skip to the next song!

The word in the streets is this: You can use the escape key to pause / unpause the game! While paused, you can use the backspace key to return to the main menu.

Keep this under your hat, but my sources say this: You can double tap the R key to restart the level!

Good luck, kid. I was never here, got it?



Original music by @CryNN

Original 8bit music by @Technomatics

Special thanks to @RaIix for letting me use a pre-release version of his Newgrounds.io Unity Package, as well as providing feedback and generally being super helpful

Short Action Beat track by @Wisealien

Save data handler by @3p0ch

Newgrounds preloader by @Aprime

Some audio effects from FreeSFC.co.uk


Along with the release of this game, I wrote an in depth blog about it's development here.


V32: Added WASD controls, made the player sprite bigger, decreased difficulty of level 5, added info on restart & pause in the tutorial

V31: Decreased the amount of people on the ground in later levels for better difficulty balance, changed icon BG colour so characters contrast better, disabled debug menu, corrected some UI text

V30: Improved reset function, made debug functionality more secure

V29: Added a restart level function, made the police lights less intense, added a notice after the titlescreen, enabled some debug functionality.

V28: Fixed police trip sprite glitch, improved pause functionality

V27: Edited some tutorial text to make proceed button more obvious


This game's visual elements (aside from UI) may not display due to your browser settings. This can be fixed by simply setting the "Use hardware acceleration when available" option and restarting the browser.

Chrome: settings > advanced > accessibility

Edge: settings > system

Opera: settings > advanced > system

Brave: Make sure shield is down

Internet Explorer: uninstall, download any other browser

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Yeah, same as everyone said, later stage is be unfair sometimes, like police spam, for first stage, it's fun but, at last stage, it'll be total hell, but good game enough, if you have sequel, it'll be point.
Fun game, gg!

I had a great time, the main mechanic is simple enough and is really fun, infinite runners are ine of my favorite games to kill time, i just found one bug, if 2 policemen are too close is imposible to avoid getting hit, no matter how fast I push the right key, i will always hit them, maybe is to use vault and then jump, but that didnt worker either, but outside ofthat, everything is great, keep up with goo job

Great game but at the later levels the time out thingy is really unfair, some button presses don't seem to register and being inside someone is not fun, something like a goomba stomp would be apreciated

I'm late in writing a review, but the two most important things have already been said.

First that during the invincibility after being hit, the inability to do any vaulting/springboarding until the invincibility ends makes it nearly impossible to get back up from the ground on later levels because you'll mostlikely be overlapping an enemy when the invincibility ends so you'll get hit right away (or in the air from a jump, but about to land on an enemy and get hit regardless). Making the player able to vault/springboard while invincibility is still active would fix that.

The other is as LethalElephantForce mentioned; there's only a small number of moves -- jumping, vaulting, and springboarding -- and enemies. The game is much more entertaining than I might expect with relatively few moves and enemies, but I feel it could use one or two more things like ability to move forward/backward a little bit within the screen's auto-scrolling or another technique that would be well suited for making it past pairs or multiples of cops that are too close together to vault sequentially. There's a potential for making a game feel too busy and cluttered if you add too much, but I think a little bit more would have been good.

Those things said, the game was still pretty fun and certainly enough to keep me playing, and a lot of the other commenters thought so too. The pace auto-adjusts to the player's skill since they slow down when they get hit. Although I'm not usually a fan of random level generation, in this case I think it helps keep the player involved and concentrating on coming up with and executing a good strategy instead of just remembering an exact sequence of optimal moves for each level. And while unfavorable random placement of enemies might happen and suck, it somehow avoids becoming frustrating when you'll just get a newly generated level on the next run.

Final thoughts are that I'm not as put off as others by the bright cop lights when it's close to a loss, but I would've liked a more streamlined way of restarting a level if I'm having a bad run than exiting to the main menu and picking the level again Edit: didn't realize double-tapping R to reset is an option now :3.

I'm very satisfied.

Credits & Info

3.77 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2020
9:35 PM EDT
  • Unity
  • Affinity Designer
  • Flash MX 2004