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Bucket Lad - The Pilot

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Please take it i don't want it no more.



I've learned a lot from making this. I started making it in November of 2019 but it did not take 8 months to make, i just kept forgetting about it/procrastinating about it. tbh a bulk of the animation was done in early may lol. I could've gotten this done in a month if i was focused. So because of that, I'm not super fond of the script/board for this. There was a moment when i wanted to scrap this and do a different first episode but I just wanted to make SOMETHING (I've been trying since middle school to make an animated series of my own but i always wait to long and get bored/don't like my idea anymore RIP All Day Buffet) I also learned that voice direction is a thing i should actively do in the future. All the voice actors in this are just me and my friends and keep in mind we are NOT voice actors. I have to take a lot of the blame tho. I just gave them the script and said "do it" with little to no direction. Definitely something i should fix in the future. I also made music for this and I am not a musician lol. Hopefully it isn't too ear grading. At the very least, i tried to make it look nice. The style of animating totally changed a lot and you can tell that first scene was animated in november and the rest in april hahaaa. Anyway i hope you can manage to enjoy it. All I'll say is the next one might actually be good.

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you should definitely revisit this idea


aight. so basically. one of my favorite toons on ng. original, and well animated.

i love this pilot