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Star Hunt

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Author Comments

Can you reach the star?



WASD/arrows to move

M to mute music

N to mute sound

Z to activate checkpoints


Music is by Lenalia37

Game is by me :)

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I COMPLETED THE GAME WITH 0 DEATHS! I'M VERY HAPPY! I finally made it. It's a very hardcore game, especially if you want to complete it with 0 deaths. I love the music, the sounds, the cool atmosphere and the variety regarding the decoration of each stage. Very fun game, you don't get tired of playing it

08jack responds:

dude that is such a huge achievement. congratulations man!
i'm so happy you had fun playing my game :)

Would've given this a higher score if the last fire world didn't have a screen that was literally RNG. The one with the 3 moving flames and you have to walk left. That screen is REALLY frustrating as you can be on a death less run and then die to something that is basically not even your fault. Other than that quite a good game that has charming graphics.

Nice game.Nice art,gameplay.Its a bit dificult but that is what makes the game fun

08jack responds:

thank you <3

Cute graphics, fitting music, brilliant sound effects and very atmospheric.

I was very disappointed by the sudden change in gameplay when you reach the purple-brick "burning dungeon" world. Now I like tricky precision platformers, I managed to get zero deaths on BLUE BOY (https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/739195 - excellent game) which must be one of the most frustrating such games on Newgrounds, so while I sympathise with players who hate having to go back and repeat themselves, I actually quite liked the lack of checkpoints. You have to treat each screen as a puzzle and "solve" it, learning a set of movements and timings that you can repeat to keep taking you through the solved screens and give you another chance to play around with the one you keep getting stuck on. If you experiment a bit, and pay very close attention to the rhythm enemies move and fire in, all the screens can be solved and muscle-memorised, to the point you can almost do it with your eyes shut. I like that sense of flow. Unfortunately, I think that stops when you reach the burning brick dungeon.

The screens with the big-nosed monsters that shoot fire at you are basically similar to what's gone before. But the ones with the moving flames that skid along the floor are different, because of the way (a) they track the player's position, (b) their starting position depends on where they were the last time you were on that screen, so either where you moved on to the next screen or where you died. It is possible to "herd" them into the position you want. But because you have to pay attention to where you currently are (if you died in your previous attempt at an inconvenient location, for example) it does feel a bit different to other stages of the game. Would probably be helpful if their positions reset each time you entered that screen, otherwise situations arise (particularly if you haven't figured out the herding strategy yet) where it becomes attractive to "sacrifice" yourself in order for them to be more conveniently placed the next time you enter the room, which feels off given the importance of protecting your life in the rest of the game.

There's some pretty tricky jumps required in the last screen that are different to any jumping challenges that have come before. That's okay, and picking the mix of big and small platform-hops that get you through is an interesting challenge, but it's frustrating for that particular section to feel thematically separate from the previous parts of the fire-dungeon - and to have to repeat so much if you die there! Perhaps it would have been better to have a couple of tough jumping scenes with a checkpoint of their own.

I'm glad there was something of an ending scene added as the game is hard work to complete! It feels pretty satisfying to beat it but if it had ended in the "clouds" level, which fits in better with the cuter feel and gameplay of the rest of game, that might actually have been more satisfying than doing so after the tonally different fire level. Just my opinion.

EDIT: thanks for the response! I also thought the death-grunts felt a bit out of place, they're a bit bleak for the rest of the sound-and-feel! Maybe a cute "oh noes" or "owwchie" or just a squeak might be less disspiriting for players who are dying a lot...

08jack responds:

thank you for the review! i feel like someone finally gets it, the rarity of checkpoints was intended to allow the player to get a mastery over each screen, eventually speeding through screens that they once struggled on. i didn't anticipate as many people to dislike this though.

i see what you mean about the fire level, and i totally agree. i'm working on an update to (hopefully) improve it, as well as adding an easy mode that includes more checkpoints for those who want that.

thanks again for your feedback

Good hard platformer. I think I agree with the other reviewers about the checkpoints....of which I've only seen 1.... But I like your graphics and the spiky plant creatures' movement - quite ouchie! I managed to make it to the second springboard jump platform, but had to quit because I cannot figure out how to jump over 3 spikey bushes at once. Well done.

Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2020
4:07 AM EDT