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All Life Matters

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I absolutely edorse justice for George and for everyone who has died needlessly through police brutality - and under any circumstance of injustice.

I also believe everyone has a right to protest - To the fullest extent of the first amendment.

This is merely me poking fun at the rather urgent situation in America right now, drawing the conclusion that the riots are nothing to do with what started out as peaceful protests.

There should be justice for all - Including the police officers and civilians who have either died or had their lives ruined since this all began - And either before that. I'm not virtue signalling, this IS a tragedy and in no way am I trying to minimize the significance of any of this - I just try to stay topical and comedic.

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You're dropping some truth bombs over here!

The animation quality is definitely not the finest we've seen but it's enough to get the message across. It shows that you put genuine effort into this project which in turn means you actually care about the nature of content you are presenting.

I really enjoyed it ยจ:)

Black lives matter so do white people.

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3.09 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2020
9:41 PM EDT