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The recent and tragic loss of George Floyd has been a tipping point for the conversation of racial equality and police brutality. The system in which officers are trained is broken, and is a core problem to how and why people of a different color are treated the way they are by authorities. We need to change the system in order to fix the problem. Authorities need to be trained not with fear based tactics nor military methods, but methods of understanding and courtesy. For many years, decades even, the conversation on racism and racial inequality has evolved too slowly. First it was demolishing the segregation and separation between Black and White. And after so many years of issues with police brutality based on racism, it has taken far too many lost lives to get to this point. We shouldn’t of had to lose any lives at all, but we need to understand what is going on in our country. We need to see a difference in the way Black people are treated because we are all people of equal value and we should be treated with that same understanding and respect. To have people rioting and protesting and not have their voices heard in a country that is supposed to be based on the voice of the people. It’s a mess. We need the people of the law to listen and make the changes to set aside racial prejudice and hate, and disarm themselves of racial injustice. No one should be considered a criminal based on race, nor should they be treated any differently because of their color. To watch a Black man die on a video online, where a police officer placed him beneath his knee to restrain him when he showed no vigor or force against the officer was disgustingly unjust. To even be able to watch that online or have it happen was unnecessary, but it has sent a message to the American people. George Floyd begged the officer to get off him because he couldn’t breathe. Officers don’t often take literally what people say, and it brings us to a misunderstanding. To say that, “I can’t breathe,” and then have the officer continue to apply force to your neck, based on the color of your skin and disbelief towards your intentions is wrong. We want everyone to know that we value you equally, and we want to see your voices heard. But, we also want justice for George Floyd and anyone who died before or after him. To have police officers be charged differently from the typical population is also wrong. They should not be seen above the law, and should be assessed as anyone else would be. Additionally, we see Black people go to court for crimes that other people walk away from or get off easier from, and are treated like they are the worst thing to walk this earth and sentenced to life or something to an extreme. This is so wrong and needs to change because again, we are people of equal value, and saying that someone of color should receive a harsher sentence based on racial bias is disgustingly wrong, and people that reflect that in the way they judge cases should be removed and replaced with people that value everyone and don’t see Black or White, but instead see people. Below we have a link to support, donate, provide access to petitions, and further the cause to rid our country of racial injustice, and we hope that you take the time to use your voice to support the change. Thank you for taking the time to read up, and we hope that we can serve as a voice of change and help others who want/need to get involved in this movement. Please educate yourselves, and speak up about this because your voices matter.

-Buddypal Brigade (Justin Miller + Zachary Miller)

Equal Justice Initiative Donation Link: https://support.eji.org/give/153413/#!/donation/checkout

Justice for George Floyd Petition: http://chng.it/sLkFnGxk9T

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A shitpost with a good message, this is how it oughta be.

How can I make shitposts on par with yours? What's the secret?

haha! Dad knows best! quite funny! and that end bit lol!

So let me get this straight. You make a video against the right to own weapons. Then you have a rant in your description about recent events that have nothing to do with it. I am very confused.

BuddypalBrigade responds:

The video's message was to advertise against the use of violence. For people that think that it's okay to put force on someone, use violence against people, or put people down, that it would take them no where in life and that-that kind of nature is unacceptable and should be eliminated at a young age because kids are impressionable to the consumable media. We never said anything about owning a gun or taking rights away. You can own a gun or weapon for protection, however, using it on someone to put them down or promote acts of violence is what we stand against. We spoke in the author notes about George Floyd because while we didn't make a video specifically about the BLM movement, we want to advocate to end any form of violence and inequality. We wanted to address the matter at hand and focus on that inequality, police brutality, and the chance to inform the viewers of the community. We wanted to voice the situation at hand, we didn't want all of the attention to be on us rather than what's really going on in the world. We value equality and the elimination of violence in this video, and we stand by that. We're sorry if that wasn't the message you received upon viewing it.

"You can't win if you are loser" - LOL

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Jun 3, 2020
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