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A Game With No Story

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This game has no story. Absolutely none. Just a mediocre platformer. You think we're hiding something? We're not hiding anything, for sure.

This is the first game I've made, and I'm really excited to have made it. If you have any advice on how I can improve, let me know. I'm still new to making games.

Listen to the soundtrack here:

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a cool game. yeah

great game, the boss was EZ PZ i mean, the bullets dont even hit you if you stand still on a platform, that was a huge oversight on your part
though the game was still great, good job!

The core gameplay is good this is what a platform game looks like without textures, a bare naked game showing all of its hitbox.
*Spoiler from this part on*

The game gives the premise of being a broken game, and have this meta-narrative and plays with it for a while as the player is playing the game. This premise of being a broken game makes the player think that if the game is canonically & deliberately broken, this gives the developer leeway to make bad levels and gives the player a bad atmosphere throughout the game (this is the reason why playing shovelware indiegames gives the same feeling, because they go have a good concept but cannot express it good enough through the medium of games)
|Don't misunderstand, the game is good but it just lacks a little polishing.

( btw I just finished it in 24:21.99 and I love some of the creative level designs. )

Here are some levels you can polish to make the game shine.
Lvl 11 the "lava" is standing upright which messes with me and some other players, you can fix this by making the red platform not a lava but instead a portal or something because by viewing it in another perspective the player character (box) just teleports to the spawnpoint and you can use this perspective to make the game feel better.
Lvl 14 make the platforms a little closer so the player can be able to skip a platform by jumping, like jumping and going right at max length from the 2nd platform makes the player reach the 4th platform, the same with 1st and 3rd platform (trust me, players love that)
Lvl 19: should start by the platform going down and with just enough time that if the player holds right at the start of the level they can get the coin.
Lvl 22: make the gap between the jump booster and red platform a tiny bit longer
Lvl 23: (nitpick) align center the redplatform to the spawnpoint or vice versa for people with ocd
Lvl 24 should have the middle red platform a little shorter
Lvl 25 should have the platform at the very top going down
ah yes, the infamous lvl 32 where players got irritated due to how small the magnet pull area is
Lvl 34 already gave invisible blocks without any visual cues/ warning from the previous level
Lvl 35 and 36 are the one the greatest level in the game imo
Lvl 40 is weird, reminds me of kaizo levels where if you screw up you must restart the level, you should either extend the lava or put one of the eight keys under the coin where the the player must use the platform to get it
Lvl 41 this level is creative. I personally like it.
Lvl 43 is where the game tells me that magnets should have a different colors for N and S pole (I know I'm missing the point the game is "broken" at this point but this level is just weird)
1st round Lvl 44 is the weirdest level, the invisible blocks should have a different color outline intersecting the gray box in the middle so that the player knows that its an invisible block not just a glitchy background texture.
The boss level? (lvl 50) can be polished with distinguishing the helpful good (glitch boxes?) against a normal attack by giving it a different glitchy texture than the different boxes. Also the platforms can also be improved too just by using a minecraft creeper face layout (one 1/3 platform on the middle for the middle layer, two 1/3-platforms on top-left [for the player to spawn] and top-right for the top-layer)
Would be great beating the boss on the first cycle without dying is viable and if the first cycle is intended for the player to lose, then why give the player a choice of dodging the shots?
It is more appropriate to kill the player after seeing the boss with a 3-layer shot 3-times/an ultimate attack to start the second cycle.

In some levels, the player can just use the tip of the jump booster to jump higher, some players thought that the whole box must be on the green pad to jump higher.

Not a bad game, with good textures and more creative level designs (and some bosses I guess?) this will be a great platform game.

Perhaps a bit "too clever by half" and would have been nice if the graphics/gameplay had matched how much work had gone into the conceptual stuff, but there's a lot going on here for a first game! Some of the rule glitches are a bit frustrating to work out what's going on but I guess that's part of the point. Nice tune too, shame it glitches out for much of the game!

Curruff responds:

Yeah, I suppose I did do a bad job at explaining what was going on. Hopefully it made sense in the end. Thanks for the feedback!


Curruff responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you like it.

Credits & Info

3.22 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2020
8:38 AM EDT
  • Scratch 2 to SWF Converter
  • BFXR
  • Scratch 3

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