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(sprite animation) Megaman X2 32 bit | X vs Zero

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edit: additional credits to dragonfaku and ninja for the double buster sprites, thanks JuggaloMan for pointing them out!

This sprite animation is dedicated to yesilovenachos, he gave me the initial ideas for it.

This is a 32 bit version of the X vs. Zero fight from Megaman X2. It's loosely based off of it, and as a result I took many artistic liberties when animating it.

Hope you enjoy it!

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umm...that did happen in the game and is not canon please do more research next time

NanoSoft responds:

Read the description next time...I said the animation was loosely based off the X2 fight and as a result I took many artistic liberties with it

Good af.

NanoSoft responds:

Thank you!


NanoSoft responds:

Thanks very much!

I love it

NanoSoft responds:


Really satisfying to look at.

NanoSoft responds:

Much thanks!