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Link's Mine Sweeping

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Leading Link to a new adventure to clear his land from mines planted by evil ghosts! Can you beat the 6 challenges and save the day?! 


  • Arrows/WASD for movement
  • Space/Z for action

This is a fan game. All used assets are belonging to its original creator.

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Cool game. I wish you included in the description that it's a jam game, because the concept is very interesting and fun, but the execution is rushed (no surprise given it's a jam game) and not really challenging. You can just spam bombs and solve everything, but thinking makes it fun.

It's confusing that unlike in Minesweeper, mines can exist on squares with a number on them. This makes the mechanics of the game much harder to understand at first. It's also a little unclear that you have to blow up the mines by placing bombs adjacent to it, it's not intuitive. At first, I thought I had to place the mines according to the numbers, since they are both explosives.

It's also strange how some aspects of the game are turn based and controlled by you, while others (bombs) go on in real time. I don't mind it, but again it's something people might have trouble understanding straight out the door.

Again, it's a nice idea, and I enjoy the way it makes me think. This mix of mechanics could definitely go places.

It's an interesting proof of concept, but literally the only difficulty comes from two places: figuring out the mechanics, and impatience-induced carelessness. (Why isn't there a single fire-up anywhere? Or any powerups, for that manner?)

hosani69 responds:

Thanks for trying the game. This game was done in less than 48 hours for a gamejam. Alot of ideas and other staffs can be added later.

A BomberMan-Minesweeper hybrid. That's something intriguingly new.
The background graphics could use some touching-up, a Pause feature would be nice, and the enemy AI might need some more autonomy (if at all possible).

hosani69 responds:

Thanks for the feedback. it will be considered for future updates.