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Forgotten Hill Pico

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Author Comments

You’ve been assigned a strange task: find the creature that escaped from the lab. Can you take Pico back to its cage? Play Forgotten Hill Pico, a new adventure made for Pico-8 fantasy console!

Stuck? Need help? Find here a complete walkthrough video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vuh6MRGnKk


Some information: Forgotten Hill Pico is made for Pico-8, a fantasy virtual console that emulates the hardware limitation of the 1980s game machines. Hope we've been able to recreate with this game that retro, nostalgic feel., and that you enjoy Forgotten Hill Pico!

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sex mod when

Decent concept but some puzzles have seemingly no hints to to them

A decent game, and it looks great. Love the style. Some of the puzzles, though, didn't quite line up or just fell a little short. The bookshelf puzzle in particular could use some work. It's trial and error to figure out which books lift up together, and you have to remember which ones were pairs after testing because they aren't distinguished. This isn't too bad unless you're someone like me who doesn't have good memory in the slightest. Not to mention, two of the numbers occurred twice, and you had to figure out which one to use through (again) trial and error. Making the books more easily distinguishable and getting rid of the repeats would make that puzzle so much better.

((Skip this next paragraph to avoid spoilers and a rant.))

The last puzzle really bothered me. Maybe I'm just really stupid, but the fact that the mandrake was labeled simply "mandrake" really threw me off. It looked like a full-grown mandrake to me, not a seedling as the note said the experiment was attracted to. I assumed I was supposed to find something to interact with that would produce a seedling from it, when simply hanging up the thing didn't work. I spent maybe ten minutes interacting with literally everything that had been interactable up to that point. After trying to activate the mandrake on the experiment, I put it back and gave up, finally looking at the walkthrough. How was I supposed to know I was supposed to walk back to the room with it in my hand? I ACTIVATED IT ON THE EXPERIMENT. Whether I had it in hand or not, logically, the thing should know I have it, especially if it's "attracted to [it]." This implies that it can sniff it out or something, like a dog with its favorite treat. Again, maybe I'm stupid, but I don't understand the logic here. You cannot tell me this thing has the object permanence of a three-month-old human baby, the likes of which overrule any sense of smell that attracts it to mandrake seedlings. To try to envision it, imagine I enter a room my dog is sitting in, and in my pocket lies his favorite dog treat. Most of the time, he would smell its presence before I even pull it out, but let's say he's distracted by something. Once I pull out the treat and show it to him, his attention is on me immediately because he can now see and smell it. If I put the treat back in my pocket, does he immediately forget it existed? No, of course not. He runs up, hoping I'll give it to him. Now that he's noticed the scent, it's obvious to him that I have a treat. If I leave the room, he follows, still holding out hope that I'll give him the treat. It's the same principle.

((Spoilers and rant over.))

There were also a few rooms that functioned noticeably slower than the others, like the room with your employer and the cat. My cursor and clicking lagged considerably in these areas, but as soon as I left the room, it moved like normal. It was like the difference between running on land and running waist-deep in water. Also, when the experiment with no legs started talking about how much he loves what you gave him (trying to avoid spoilers by being vague) and that he'll never part with it or whatever, the object suddenly disappears. Is that supposed to happen?

Some of the story didn't really add up either. Your employer wants you to track down and capture a potentially dangerous experiment that escaped, but he doesn't help you in the slightest and lets you bumble around his house trying to find clues to puzzles that will give you what you need to do the job HE gave you. A time-sensitive job, might I add. (I know you're not timed in-game, but story-wise, it would be time-sensitive to track it down before it got too far.) Clearly, he knows the solutions to all these puzzles (the other experiment literally says he sings a rhyme about one of them and it is HIS house), and logically, he should also know what these puzzles unlock. So why doesn't he help you so you can retrieve the experiment he wants back? Which brings me to another somewhat weird story thing. When you finally catch up to the experiment, ((slight spoiler maybe?)) it's already locked up. I doubt it could have gotten out of there. Why not leave it there until your employer can wrangle it back in or something?

All that being said, it was still a decent game and pretty fun regardless. Although the story may be a little odd, I understand that wasn't really the focus of the game, and the fact that I still enjoyed the game as a whole, despite my issues with it, is the mark of a well-made game. I've played some of the other Forgotten Hill games, and they are generally high-quality games.

Still feels scary despite the old school graphics

The only issue I really have about the game is that I needed a tutorial for everything as there wasn't anything to tell me about a blood flower or the pattern to the bookshelf and there isn't much to go off of when it comes to the npcs and there is a cat for no other reason other than being there which in my personal opinion is a bit of a throw off to what your supposed to be doing, but other than my little rant I think the game is good and fun to play if you have an idea of what you are doing.

Also the doors being mixed up is a bit confusing but I have a feeling that is the point you were going for.

Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

May 27, 2020
6:12 AM EDT