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Reviews for "Forgotten Hill Pico"

The book shelf puzzle was the only thing I couldn't understand (I knew it had to do with the numbers but when I touched the shelves not all books reacted... I'm still unsure about it).
The graphics were pretty cool and the atmosphere was awesome. Sweet good puzzles with no moon logic (my class of adventure game). Short and sweet game.

Medals don't work :(

FM-Studio responds:

Hey sorry about that. We were making some tests on medals and they are not yet ready.

So, it seems good, but I'm actually stuck. I put the skulls on the wood in the wrong order (swapped blue and red in my head) and they're stuck there now. There's no way for me to get the ornament.

Otherwise, it's a very unique game to the series. I feel like a bit more plot and some clearer direction would make me enjoy it more, but I also understand there's limitations working the Pico-8 style into this kind of game.

I love the way the game looks! Great puzzles.

I feel like I missed a few secrets or something but a few places did confuzzle me quite a bit. Nice and short.