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no more heroes

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i did a commision for Cutnose Paco which is a raid in the ware house of his two main characters

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This could be a tv show if it was made in 2004.

Sound is a bit off for me. Everything seems to lack impact. Like the audio seems a little "naked". Character animation also looked a little floaty. But, I know how difficult 3D can be.

Edit: try adding some weight to your characters. Check out "the animators survival kit" it's a great book. For the audio, add some impact sounds. Bullets hitting metal, casings bouncing off the floor, so on. But it's a well done animation.

Tealphoenixreborn responds:

I appreciate the feedback but what would you recommend on me improving on sound? please elaborate on lacking "impact" and what tips can you recommend for the animation to look less floaty?

Thank you so much! now I'm understanding your point, and I will definitely check out the animator's survival kit book. I'm trying to improve as much as I can, thanks again for the tips and recommendation.

Well done

Movements are well animated and look cool, but it is an annoying trope when heroes kill with each shot while grunts can't hit a barn door sized dude with 100 machine gun shots.

Tealphoenixreborn responds:

I appreciate the feedback, but what tropes are better than the one you mention? as for the barn door size dude, it is to emphasize his invincibility that bullets don't work on him. (which I should've given a description on the characters for more context )