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Author Comments

Lost;Paradigm is my first 2D platformer Unity game where the player wakes up to find yourself lost and then venture out to find answers. In the end, the player found someone that knows everything and you talk to him through dialogue options.

I made the visuals using charcoal and fineliner.

This game was made for my RMIT assignment.

My Game's Concept

Music by:

Piano/Emotional Music - Vindsvept - Into Silence

Kevin MacLeod ~ Clean Soul

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Do you like Steins:Gate?

iamjcat responds:

Yeah, I watched the anime and thanks for giving it a full score:)

I think developers need to stop doing drugs.
The notion that you wake up lost and can't remember how you got there seems to be tied with their spending too much time getting intoxicated to the point of forgetting how and why they are where they are.

A better premise would be: you climb down a well to rescue someone who fell in, then have to lead them out.


You hear a child crying, and as you follow the sound, you then have to find your way out once you locate the lost child.

I'm not a fan of platformers anyway, few are as good as what was released 40 years ago.
Most don't seem to understand the way the game should be made.
A terrible premise makes them that much worse.

iamjcat responds:

I might've chosen a better a premise but the idea of the game is that it could've been better and there are things that aren't added to the game due to time constraints and technical ability.
I expressed that idea through dialogue options at the end.
Thanks for playing :)

nice and calm
beautiful in a strange way

iamjcat responds:

Glad you see it that way and rated it highly :D

This is great bruddha, but i have a gripe. The camera is to far up and to the right. The character is to close to the edge of the screen and i had trouble finding where to go in the platform section because of that. The style and everything art related is splendid, but work on the gameplay a bit. He sticks to the side of platforms and shit. But anyways, fuck your rock, fuck your seesaw, keep making games and improving. Eventually you'll master it.

iamjcat responds:

Thanks for playing my game :)
I'm sorry that you suffer a bit while playing it XD
I'm not gonna improve the gameplay further since I'm lazy and I have to develop other games.
The game is my first platformer and its implied that the game is experimental by nature in the dialogue options.
Click the link if you're curious to know more about my game's concept: http://fav.me/dd9o3kg

This seems ambitious for a first game, all custom drawn and all. The music and style go well together. I liked the 1st platform where you need to push the rock, even through I got the rock stuck and had to restart.
There were a few problems for me: After the 1st scene, I suddenly fall through 4 backgrounds...? That was confusing; The character feels too close to the bottom left of the frame, we don't have a good view for the moving platforms; The English, we understand it, but there are many mistakes. Maybe you could ask for some help, in RL, or in the NG the forum?
Anyway, GL and keep up the good work!

iamjcat responds:

Glad you like the game :)
When you said fall through 4 backgrounds, do you mean teleport? If so, that's intentional to give an impression that the game is glitchy and unfinished.
I could improve the camera issue but I feel too lazy to do it.
The game is designed to be imperfect since it's my first platformer which is implied through dialogue options in the end. If you click the 'back' button in the dialogue options, you would've seen more.
Click the link if you wish to know more about my game's concept: http://fav.me/dd9o3kg

Credits & Info

2.95 / 5.00

May 24, 2020
7:38 AM EDT
  • Unity