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DAMPE! - Game Grumps Animated

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Majora's Mask is my favorite game ever, and watching the Game Grumps play it filled me with inspiration!

This animation was initially intended to be a test to find out how fast I can make a limited animation (in 3s for the most part, plus minimalist backgrounds) while also making it look good. In the end it took me about 5 months. And even though some shots got out of hand with the fluidity, I'm very happy with the result! Hope you enjoy too~

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Audio from the Game Grumps' Majora's Mask playthrough


Aditional sound effects by CyberneticPinkeye



Music used: "Local Elevator" by Kevin MacLeod

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What a sight. We truly do live in a society.

How Arin survives his rage in this episode is beyond me.

I'm more of a Oneyplays and SuperMega guy but this animation is swell, good job me boy :)

excellent animation!

This Made My Day! I Love Game Grumps!