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Kitty Kitty Pew Pew

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Author Comments

Kitty's assistance is required by humans once again. Kitty is sent out to explore the space, humans are very interested in space and stuff up there but they're not interested in failure or big expenses. Kitty is interested in the Moon and what's beyond. Are you interested?


The resolution is quite big, I'd recommend zooming out in your browser or downloading a standalone.

If you'd like to download the game you can do so from here:



This is the second game in Fluff & Puff series I'm developing. Cute, family-friendly games are not my speciality as I'm mostly keen on adult games and themes. I work on my projects whenever I can which, unfortunately, is not enough in my opinion. I'd like to create more and better and faster but in order to be able to do so I need to change the source of income. That's where my Patreon page steps in (www.patreon.com/liquiddarkness). I like to be the creator I would gladly support which in practice means that I post more than updates on my games (they would be scarce and full of frustration, who likes frustration?). I recommend other people's games if I find them recommendable and I like to think I know my kinks, hentai and stuff. You have to be 18+ to enter the page, legally speaking.


I am very fresh to game developing world, despite KKPP being my third "finished" game. I put finished in quotes because I do intend to come back to it and improve it one day. Add some features, make it mobile-friendly and so on. That being said, please forgive me any mistakes I might have made. I work really hard to understand how to code and make things do things in Unity but that ain't easy.


There's an endless mode button hidden badly, try to find it, teeheehee.

You might have different score every time you play.

There's one "enemy" that will take some of your points away if destroyed.


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Lot of fun. I used to play 2d cosmic shooters back in my childhood but they didn't have such cute and captivating story and also definitely were not so colorful. Nice art and even nicer ideas.
Wish the game has few more leves, space is so huge, there's place for much more adventures!
Love the endless mode and the way to turn it on. Button in really badly hidden. Clever and vicious at the same time.

Congratulations on the project, you are getting better and better!

@Crazydiamonds121, as LiquidDarkness respond, if you are experiencing problems with screen resolution you can just make the page smaller by pressing ctrl and - (minus) simultaneously. Work perfectly on Chrome and Firefox.

LiquidDarkness responds:

Aaw, tanks for the nice review, hun! I like the word 'vicious', I'm adding it to my personal bio. I'm really glad you appreciate my hard work and that you can see my development! Stick around to see more of it in the near future!

is there a way to skip all the texts and play? otherwise it's a good game.

LiquidDarkness responds:

Nah, I'm sorry, there's no way. But if you'd like to play without texts and maybe try yourself, you can find the endless mode :D

it is a nice game with nice effects, but the screen is too big, and you cannot see the whole game which is annoying and sometimes you get killed by enemies that come from behind

LiquidDarkness responds:

I know about the size of the screen being so big and I understand how it can be a bummer. I'd recommend zooming out in your browser or downloading the stand-alone from the link I provide in the game description. I'm glad you still liked it, though!

Interesting and cute mini game you made. If you ever wanted to make some NSFW games then you don't need to stop making one.. You need to build it piece by piece, and turn it into some crazy old but cool fantasy world or a slice of life 2D for the character to explore..*ahem* meet - greet some seƱoritas. lol

LiquidDarkness responds:

You have a point! And a really cool idea, too! I actually have a game like that in mind after the next project, I hope you'll like exploring... I mean meeting! some nice ladies I'll create.
Also, thank you for playing Kitty Kitty Pew Pew! <3

Credits & Info

3.15 / 5.00

May 23, 2020
5:50 PM EDT