Elon Musk present for you a SUPA CYBER Truck

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Elon Musk is present a new car name Super Cyber Truck but there is problems with bulletproof of car :)

Edit : it's SUCK!

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Yeah I really didn't like this, it wasn't that funny but it got a laugh out of me the stick figure Elon musk, the white background and the flippaclip logo really doesn't do it justice i think it should be blammed.

This should've been blammed... With all due respect, it's clearly low effort, with non-existent animation. I don't know why almost nothing gets blammed nowadays... But this sucks.

I found your voice acting funny, even if sometimes it was unintelligible.

I actually didnt expect him to break the glass for some reason, that actually made me chuckle! Keep making more, if you only did this in an hour thats great!

Yeah, I couldn't get into this at all. I can see why the rating's so high. At least three people faved it! It was far too short. I mean, the animation wasn't good either. It did get into the collection.

It wasn't satirical or anything. Hey, this was submitted on my birthday! Elon Musk sounds like a perfume. I'm glad he didn't do anything amazingly awful to warrant this jam. Well, he always does.

Castle-Cartoon responds:

Yup, i don’t know why everyone rate my animation good. It’s just a kind of cheap animation just made for fun if even my animation get a prize

There's potential in anyone who tries to get into animation


You’re too hectic in your voice acting, you’ve got to be more calm, and not shout into the mic all the time.

Also you’re outtro song thingy is WAY too inspired by Robot Chicken, they can do it, because they have all that chicken theme, but for you it just seems weird.

The main thing you have to remember is that Animation takes a LONG time and effort to make, you can’t make anything good in a short amount of time and you still have 4 days to make an animation which can actually be OK, if you put all your time into it.

Oh and try practice speaking English a little more, your accent makes it kind of difficult to hear what you are actually saying

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May 23, 2020
10:21 AM EDT
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