Sublo and Tangy Mustard #14 - Tito's Girlfriend

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Tito introduces Sublo and Tangy Mustard to his girlfriend.

Another short one, but it's just the prelude to the season finale coming in a couple of weeks!


Ryan Long as Sublo

Kevin Doan as Tangy Mustard

Heather Mazhar as Katy

Jackson Steinwall as Tito

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so pretty entertaining as always you made for some fun entertainment as always great characters awsome voices and a funny film subtitles would be pretty cool, anyways nice job

subtitles would be pretty cool


Aaron-Long responds:

hmm I wasn't sure how to add aubs on Newgrounds, but the youtube versions have them if you want them!

That’s some “High” brow humor right there

The short ones are fine if they don't come too often. Some nice touches "those are my only pants"

The pant ending lmao. XD This explains a lot of what follows though, even if it feels like the painting should've been brought up too, some kind of justice/closure/something...


Every time Tito scratches his face I can feel my eardrum drying into jerky