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Typing quest episode 1

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Author Comments

*Quick note! If you are having problems with the zoom of the game you can set it to full screen in the options menu at the beginning! To exit full screen simply click the esc button.

Update: 6/21/2020

Added a beginning of the game to add more story. Made all the letters more obvious and color coded the circles for which hand to use. Blue for left hand and green for right hand. I also got rid of the ' and replaced it with shift since that is a more important key. I then also color coded the letters for which fingers to use. I still have to find out if there is a fix for the camera and make a sequel, but figured fixing up this one was what I needed to do first. Thanks for all the feedback!

Controls: Use the arrows to move your character. Click the (z) button to talk to other characters or to open treasure chests and portals. When you touch an enemy you will have to type the buttons as they appear when they reach the circles in front of your characters. So if you see a (z) approaching you click it when it is in the circle. For every miss you take damage and for every hit you damage the enemy. Also while it says press any key to continue you actually have to click the (enter) key. Finally there are no capital letters in this game.

This is a simple game I made when I was a volunteer in Camden New Jersey. I never finished it while I was there, but I let my students try out the demos which they seemed to enjoy. I am currently taking a course on utilizing technology in education so I figured I could revive it and make it episodic. That way I could finish up the original draft I had and then add parts to it. This game is made on rpg maker mv and would not have been possible without a ton of help from the community who made many great plugins. Moghunter is responsible for most of the plugins, including the one that makes the game more rhythm based which let me make it a typing game. His website https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/ is a great resource for those who want some awesome rpg maker plugins. I also have to thank Yanfly, Modern Algebra, Silver and Galv for plugins, which I list in the credits. I hope this can be useful.

To do List:

Fix a few camera issues

Make next episode

Also I made a test version with just your right hand and just your left hand keys. If anyone thinks that would be useful let me know and I will make the edits so that they can work on newgrounds.

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Unfortunately, some required keys interfere with the browser (the ' key also acts as a find function). This may end up being a better typing game if it relied only on the alphabet keys, maybe including the numbers.
The pictures used for the keys needs some revision as they are not clean copies.
You are unable to change zones/screens with the mouse and must use the keyboard to move these areas.
Needs an intro to explain the basic story.
Fixing the zoom issue would also make it easier to play as I don't usually full screen online games

treebee responds:

Sorry for all those problems. I had not encountered those problems and will try to find a way to limit this. Today I am working on fixing up the graphics so hopefully they will be ready fairly soon. This is actually just a small part of an edutainment hub I am making for a college course so I did not think it would be a good idea to give one section too much plot. I may change that based on your and others feedback. As for the mouse, I would have to do quite a few edits to fix that so I do not think I can. As for the zoom issue, it is apparently just an rpg maker problem and hopefully they will update that can fix this.

The game is repetitive and annoying, there's no plot, the letters were in different colors, fonts, and cases, and the game was zoomed in so I couldn't see the right and bottom edges were offscreen.

treebee responds:

Sorry for that. Apparently it is an RPG maker problem, so I included a way to make it full screen which fixes the problem. As for the letters, you are completely correct and am going to try and fix it. Yeah there is zero plot, I am working on a education hub where each area of the hub is in a different style teaching different skills. So this is simply one of 6 areas so it would be a bit confusing to have much of a plot. That does make it weaker as a standalone though.

When you are typing: you don't have to wait for the "right time" to hit letters.
There are plenty of games out there which require you to hit a button at the exact right moment.
I don't think it really applies to typing, and making it a timing issue for 26 characters, some shifted, and also punctuation, makes this more complex than many of the music games, where you need to play the right note at the right time. While a piano technically has 88 keys, the player usually only has to deal with 1 octave or less.

What I would suggest, instead of random letters, is to have the player type something meaningful.

Also: having the letters move left to right means the player is reading right to left to "shoot them down", but in English, we read left to right.

Have meaningful sentences scroll from right to left, properly capitalized, and with correct grammar and punctuation. This way the players get familiar with all aspects, not just typing.

Of lesser importance: the screen changes are a bit off: your party is effectively hidden until you move further onto the new screen.
The buildings are all closed at the start, no means of preparing for battle.
You have 4 members of the party, there are 4 critters in the battle room, but this seems irrelevant to the actual battle. Maybe try to make some sort of connection?

treebee responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I based this game off of Mario Teaches typing which had you type the letters to defeat enemies. Unfortunately, I could not find a way to do this in RPG Maker and edited an existing plugin that was based on theateryhthm. I then changed it to the keys on the keyboard instead of the arrows. I feel that being able to know where the keys are is important, but maybe it would be better to do a game like this per finger. Unfortunately, that would be impossible with the set up as the keys have to be random and I cannot make multiple plugins to change in the same game. It would have to be separate games. Maybe it is just a bad idea to try this in rpg maker. Oh well, it was a good learning experience.

Credits & Info

2.76 / 5.00

May 19, 2020
2:05 PM EDT