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Solram's Isle

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Dead not Alive 5 Points


Lizard-men 5 Points

Kill a lizard man

It is absolutely perfect 10 Points

Find the Super Shotgun

Quad Rampage 10 Points

Find a Quad Damage crystal

We are off to see the wizard! 10 Points

Watch the introduction

Jungle Temple boss 0 Points

Kill a Golem

MUAHAHAHA.... bye bye 25 Points

Find a Mystery Box

The Power! 0 Points

Find the secret shotgun at the starting area

I'm gonna rip of your foot, and puke down your leg 0 Points

Defeat Solram

Mule 0 Points

Find all 11 weapons

Author Comments




For a smoother experience and better frame rate, play HERE. It also supports my projects.

Solram's Isle is a run n' gun FPS, similar to Doom and Quake, where you play as an unnamed bounty hunter carrying out the toughest job out there.

Enemies are varied, weapons are plentiful (11 total) and there are secrets around every corner. The level design and themes are varied(don't get fooled by the first few). There are a total of 7 levels + a final boss.




-WASD: move

-Mouse: Look

-Left Click: Shoot

-Right Click: Kick

-123456: Change weapon

-E: interact




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i fell off the map pog

it is nice and nostalgic but kind of needs some work its good otherways

While it doesn't set the world on fire, this brings in the nostalgia of all those custom-made FPS games I played back during Doom/Wolfenstein's heydays.

Level design improves towards the end! Well-executed and quite a lot of fun, would have been nice if there had been some puzzle-type elements to it. Music and atmosphere is good, with some nice baddies. The penultimate level with the holes in the floor you can fall through and die was a bit on the frustrating side though.

As a bug - there's an early level where one of the secrets lets you climb outside the room and into the "outside", where in the far distance there's void everywhere and in the very far distance a bunch of guns and monsters. If you slip and fall off that building you just end up falling forever rather than falling and denying, which means you can't restart the level, which is annoying. And another bug - on the final level, lots of the baddies seemed to be able to walk through the raise platforms so only their heads were showing. And one of the magician-looking types that shoots red fireballs seemed to survive dying - just ended up walking on the spot forever, not shooting at me but my bullets had no effect on it.

(Not all the medals seem to work for me, not that I care about that - jungle temple boss, the power!, defeat Solram, and possibly - not sure if I actually found them on - Mule. The rest worked fine.)

Brings back memories of the old-school Doom game I played a while back. Smooth graphics, retro feel. Wish we had a bit more info on a heads-up display (like ammo, health, etc.) Overall, nicely done!

Fro responds:

Hey byte. All of those things are displayed when playing in full screen!