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XRF First Contact

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WASD to move

Mouse to look

E to interact

You find yourself in the Xenobiotic Retainment Facility, just outside the containment rooms for XRF - 113 & XRF -114. These paranormal objects just might help you escape this creepy facility!

For some reason the web version of Unity's mouse sensitivity is completely independent of the sensitivity that is set in-game with code. The downloadable version is much more stable.

While watching Markiplier play the old school SCP containment breach game, we got inspired to create our own SCP style game. We quickly developed a couple of SCP style documents. After that, we decided to create the containment rooms for those objects. The idea is that IF we could pull off making a couple of containment rooms then theoretically it shouldn't be too hard to keep going, containment room by containment room, and then build a random level generator to stitch all the rooms together. This quick game demo is our ability to conquer the first two rooms and see how a project like this would tend to flesh out for future development.

Let us know if you enjoyed the experience and atmosphere. If you feel like this is something you'd like to see more of in the future, go ahead and support us by purchasing the downloadable version. Also let us know of any bugs, issues, or opinions in the comments!

Download the game here:


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not that bad of a game extend it the gameplay tho.

Enjoyed playing! Could be longer.. Good graphics.

The 2 main problems I had were
1) Camera view. It seemed I could move the camera left to right 180 degrees, but not turn further.
Somehow this 180 degrees would shift as I moved around, but it was difficult to see where I was going if I was trying to move towards the other 1/2 of the field of view.

This was particularly a problem with the portal, which I could see into,but couldn't turn around to see back where I came from.

2) There were a lot of hints and clues dropped, but the creator knows a lot of aspects of the game design that are not perhaps as obvious to the player. Even when reaching the end of the game, it wasn't clear "what happened?"

An additional note: as important as the documents might have been to the story, the player could easily figure out to turn off the magnetic field, and there by activate the portal.
The documents then are mostly flavoring, and not required for the "escape room" aspects of the game.

The book however: that was central to the whole thing, and would have been nice to have been able to view/read it.
I also couldn't figure out how to view the inventory, but the book "showed up" when it was needed.
Even then: the player isn't able to read it, nor talk to the being that thanks them for the return of the book.
This makes for a bit of an anti-climatic ending.

Game definitely could have done without the skeletons at the end, and also the product placement. (I hope you got paid for that.)

Very well done. I hope to see more from all of you in the future.

The load time for this was long but it was worth it. Really nice game I love the look and style you went with on this, there is so much detail. :)

Credits & Info

3.08 / 5.00

May 19, 2020
10:15 AM EDT
  • Unity