Broken Guns

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High Scores

1. Damian4950 176,070
2. Koku013 167,480
3. A-Cederberg 95,970
4. Atruemann 69,220
5. MrRagdollz 40,580
6. NicamShilova 38,290
7. flamingninja24 30,180
8. DoctorDRMNSFW 28,910
9. FluffyButtr 21,410
10. SuperDanzigBros 20,030
11. RolandHofmeester 19,850
12. DJ-S3S6 19,600
13. farter69 19,090
14. TomFulp 18,830
15. iir 18,310
16. Newfighter2300 16,600
17. pwnagezorz 15,360
18. ChrisKrohne 15,070
19. kirkbot 15,040
20. iSkyYT 14,350

Author Comments

You play as Captain Blue Dude as the last line of defense against the incoming alien invasion. This just so happened to be the same week all the guys in the R&D department decided to test out a new efficiency model gun barrel and applied it to ALL of your guns without properly testing them. Looks like broken guns will have to do.

This game was developed in 48 HOURS.

Keyboard Controls:

WASD or Arrow Keys: Movement, Aiming and Menu Navigation.

N or Z: Jump and Menu Select.

M or X: Shoot

ESC or Enter: Pause

P: Mute All Sounds and Music

Gamepad Controls:

D-Pad or Left Stick: Movement, Aiming and Menu Navigation

A: Jump and Menu Select

B or X: Shoot

Start: Pause

Select: Mute All Sounds and Music

Update V1.4 NG:

  • Added a mute button.
  • Fixed issue with arrow keys scrolling the page.

There is no game jam. I just wanted to make something with Construct 3 and gave myself a time limit. (Technically the game surpassed this limit, I spent a couple extra hours getting scoreboards on Newgrounds working and fixing a bug or two, but other than that it was 48 hours.

The game was programmed in Construct 3.

All art and sfx (c) copyright 2020, Tim Anfilofieff. It was made using Aseprite and LMMS respectively.

All music purchased from and (c) copyright, Andrey Sitkov. https://soundcloud.com/muzstation-game-music

First game in HTML5, not flash (sorry flash, it was good while it lasted probably)

First game with gamepad controls. Construct 3 made it easy.

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Pretty genius not gonna lie. I haven't seen many games with this kind of control scheme so it's a nice refresher. Also it screws with your head.

Pretty fun. :D


JauqAr responds:


lmao you aren't capable of testing a game before launching?

there is a huge game breaking problem with the controls. play the game for five seconds and you'll see.

and next time you launch a game? rather than wildly mashing around script kiddy scripts and programmer art in some high level game engine, actually give the game at least one single test run first so you can see if there are any obvious glaring issues.

JauqAr responds:

Hey there,

Are you referring to the issue with the arrow keys scrolling the page? I've been looking into that and actually rolled out the fix today. Otherwise, if you are referring to gun firing backwards, that part is intentional. The game is called Broken Guns for that specific purpose.

If you were referring to neither of those things, please go into further detail.

nice but really hard

JauqAr responds:

Glad you liked the game.

It is quite a difficult game. Here's a quick tip: many things in the game are meant to keep you on edge, the timer, the quantity of enemies, but being patient and calm helps a lot.

Everything in the game, except the spawn location of the parachute gunners and the timer bomb, is predetermined and can be predicted.

Credits & Info

3.23 / 5.00

May 15, 2020
9:00 PM EDT
  • Aseprite
  • LMMS
  • Construct 3