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Reviews for "Broken Guns"

pretty nice and a really cool concept the game could be even better with more guns that act differently from the rest of guns

JauqAr responds:

Glad you think the game has a cool concept. I only had 48 hours to make it, but if I ever plan on making a sequel more weapon types would definitely be added in.

PS. If you find and defeat a specific enemy they will actually drop a weapon upgrade that changes how the gun works a bit.

Pretty genius not gonna lie. I haven't seen many games with this kind of control scheme so it's a nice refresher. Also it screws with your head.

JauqAr responds:

Hey, Glad you liked my game.

This game definitely defies initial expectations.

Pretty fun. :D

JauqAr responds:

Glad you liked it!


JauqAr responds:


lmao you aren't capable of testing a game before launching?

there is a huge game breaking problem with the controls. play the game for five seconds and you'll see.

and next time you launch a game? rather than wildly mashing around script kiddy scripts and programmer art in some high level game engine, actually give the game at least one single test run first so you can see if there are any obvious glaring issues.

JauqAr responds:

Hey there,

Are you referring to the issue with the arrow keys scrolling the page? I've been looking into that and actually rolled out the fix today. Otherwise, if you are referring to gun firing backwards, that part is intentional. The game is called Broken Guns for that specific purpose.

If you were referring to neither of those things, please go into further detail.