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Warped 5 Points

Use a warp zone

Big Boomerang 25 Points

Get a big boomerang

Boomerang Master 25 Points

Get 5 boomerangs

Level 5 25 Points

Get to level 5

Wealthy 25 Points

Get 100 coins

A Winner is You 50 Points

Beat the final boss

Whole Hearted 50 Points

Get 10 heart containers

Speedy 100 Points

Beat a speed run

Super Speedy 100 Points

Beat a speed run in 20 minutes

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Mobile Master 100 Points

Win on a mobile device

Author Comments

When life gets you down, it's never too late to...

- B O U N C E B A C K -

How To Play

  • Use mouse, gamepad, or touch to control.
  • Press Enter to go fullscreen for best results.
  • Dashing protects you from damage.
  • You don't lose money when you die!
  • Your game is automatically saved.
  • Yellow boomerang can grab pickups.
  • Blue boomerang does double damage.
  • Shopkeep will raise prices if he dies.
  • Enemies and player are slowed by sand.
  • There are 10 procedurally generated levels.
  • Win to unlock speed run mode.

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This game is open source on GitHub.

Design postmortem for this game with technical info.

v1.1 - Arrow keys can move and mouse right click can dodge.

v1.2 - Mobile support added via onscreen touch gamepad.

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Another pretty fun game of yours. The sprites in this game remind me of some of the old Legend of Zelda games as well as Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest and maybe some of the very early Final Fantasy games. Your games make me want to be inspired to make my own small games. If you have any suggestions or advice on what to do please let me know. Even if I don’t ever make super big mainstream games I would just like a little advice if that’s okay with you. Again I played this on my phone as well and it’s a tad bit easier to play on mobile than Space Huggers but can be a little tricky at times. I look forward to playing more of your games and hope to see more get made.

KilledByAPixel responds:

Thank you. For this one I was most inspired by Link's Awakening. My advice is to check out my open source game engine LittleJS. I think it is the perfect size to get started with and includes everything you need...



ahaha I remember this game being in the wrong cartige XD nice game though

The game is interesting but the controls are horrible. It would be better if you could use arrow keys, not everyone has the same keyboard.
There was also a glitch : I bought a new boomerang when I had already 2 but my number of boomerang didn't change.. but of course I lost my money.
Also, the medals aren't working.

Edit : The medals work when you aren't in fullscreen.. this is really annoying to replay the entire game to get the medals. I remove 1 star for that.

KilledByAPixel responds:

I put an update and you can now use the arrow keys to move!

I don't know about the boomerang. You can have 3 or more, or even several of each kind of boomerang.

The medals should work without fullscreen but I will look into it. Sorry about that!

Pretty good once I stopped using my track pad! The unpredictability sometimes of the rangs is annoying but actually surprisingly helpful at times.
I think some of the medals are wonky, since the warp zone, 100 coins and 5 rangs didn't unlock for me. But big rang and level 5 did.

Credits & Info

3.57 / 5.00

May 14, 2020
7:55 PM EDT
  • JavaScript
Misc. Kit
  • ZzFX