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Author Comments


You have 15 minutes to complete the game.

Move with the arrow keys - ASDW - and controller

Jump with the mouse - spacebar too

Hit M on gameplay to reset to the intro and R for a quick level reset (shoulder buttons and R3+L3 on controller)

J for Fullscreen and ENTER for Pause (start on controller)

Post your time if you beat it!

Little concept game for fun

By Damian Ramirez https://www.instagram.com/damianramirez4489/

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I can't find the easy mode

DJBatz responds:

on the title screen (press start flashing) press i

Harder than Back on Track (Sorry for the unoriginal and bad joke).

Very interesting controls that take a while to get used to. I completed easy mode in 5 minutes 32 seconds, and I nearly finished normal just a few minutes ago. I guess it is possible to finish with no deaths on normal, but I bet it will take a while before anyone legitimately does so. The game's really hard, but actually possible with enough time and effort. Good job on that. Though <i>Please</i> don't make your next game even harder! I don't know how much of this I can take.

Edit: damn, I nearly did it again. I was only ~3 jumps away! oof
Oh, and one more thing. Could you add a button that goes back to the menu? I don't like refreshing whenever I mess up badly.

DJBatz responds:

press M while playing! that's the "menu" reset, R resets the level ; )

You can screw up on normal, a no death run (medal included) is really really really hard.

A good minor screw ups run on normal is like 11 minutes. It's all about speed and precision.

The game is an example of unique mechanics, but not necessarily engaging gameplay.
7 minutes for easy mode and 15 minutes for normal feels unrealistic
EIther extend the time, or reduce levels (it feels like the game is never ending)

I would also like to see you unlock the unharmed medal yourself smartass

DJBatz responds:

Challenge accepted

Edit: EZ (not really)

Its a really tough game but I get thats the idea.

This may go against the idea of the game but perhaps a double jump function. It would make it slightly easier to get onto platforms but if I'm honest I could only handle the frustration for 5 minutes and then quit.
I really like the concept and wanted to play longer but it was too apparent I was never going to win so it felt like there would be no reward to enduring longer - might just be me but good effort.

I just played the easy version. Didn't quite make it, still challenging once things start firing at you but I enjoyed it a lot more and will probably play that version again.

DJBatz responds:

Probably you just want to jump in and practice for a minute or two, once you get the hang of the controls it's super satisfying! You have to make precise movements, don't panic and think of the position of the glowy ends of the stick, like while moving, jump when they're at an angle to land safely on the glowy part and rock back and forth when it's vertical to "make a little dance" and calculate your jumps.