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Marie Creating Bia (Minecraft Animation)

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This one is kinda interesting because its mainly SFW which never happens. Just to get to know why Marie is the way she is a little better. Patrons get to vote which animation is made each month! :)

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Hope you enjoy!

Voice Actresses: (for their, like... short little voice quips I added lol)

Marie - MissPeachy

Bia - MissMoonified

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This is honestly just really sweet. It is nice to see a wholesome animation every once in a while.

Cool minecraft feel

So without looking at the title it had that minecraft feel, and you really played out some nice music on this one I was pretty pleased with it from start to finish so no changes come to mind, So you do have something decent here and I quite enjoyed what you have presented you have done a wonderfully and enticing job here and I am glad I found this discovery of this submission, So it was a good discovery There was various strong points some weaker points aswell but that comes in all submissions It was a nice pleasure to review this fine piece of a film.

I was pretty pleased with it from start to finish so no changes come to mind


I'm not crying, you're crying

I love this setting ❤️

me sad now :<