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Where's The Cheat?

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(Originally developed in 2016, the year of Homestar Runner's 20th Anniversary).

Happy 20th Anniversary to the greatest internet cartoon series of all time, Homestar Runner! In celebration of this milestone, I recreated the Where's the Cheat game from the "Everything Else Vol. 3" DVD - completely from the ground up aside from the sounds, which were ripped from the DVD itself. I even re-sprited all the characters and objects since the quality of them on the DVD weren't too up-to-par for ripping.

Use the mouse to click on the arrows when Strong Bad stops moving. You can also play this game on a mobile device and use the touch screen.

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Well Teh Cheat is not dead, that's for sure. I looked in the crisper drawer of the fridge, but he was in the BBQ, chillin.

Short and sweet game! I'm a Homestar Runner fan, so the nostalgia is strong with me for this one and I liked seeing the various references. Loved the Atari-style graphics, explosions and sound effects. I had a good time with it, but I did have a few complaints. One, the navigation is a bit odd: I kept thinking that the down arrow was to go 'backwards' instead of going 'down' on the map, and similarily I through right and left were to turn 90 degrees, not just go left or right on the map. Bit confusing since it kinda clashes with how these 3d puzzle mazes usually work. Two, I wish the game was even longer with more levels that had more funny references to experience! Still, it was a nice time, and I got to kill a freakin' duck.

e z

5/5 Tried again and won

Perfection for anyone who enjoyed homestar running before Flash drop kicked abode flash which brutally wounded the great series.