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Chatterbox is a brand new Gameboy adventure! Does not contain offensive content.

Play an un-updated version on itch.io: https://l-vireo-games.itch.io/chatterbox


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UPDATE (05/07/2020): Small edits have been made to make the game more enjoyable. These edits include:

  • Updated music (now you can play AND have your eardrums intact!)
  • Felix has renovated his home with some new furniture!
  • That one typo over by the bush is gone. :-)
  • And finally... the first Adventure Boy level is now skippable (I'm still working on improving it but for now you can just skip it)

UPDATE (05/08/2020): Missing radio guys stand-in sprite has been replaced with something else.

UPDATE (06/04/2020): Two small changes have been made:

  • The color palette has been changed to the classic green. (Some people say it's harder on the eyes but I think it looks nice.)
  • There is a new "Newgrounds" screen at the start for any embedded copies of the game put on other sites. You can pass this screen by pressing any button. (See the "CONTROLS" section above.)

UPDATE (06/05/2020): Telly's sprite has been updated to include antenna meant to be present in his original design.

UPDATE (06/17/2020): L. Vireo has obtained some well-deserved jam. ;)

FINAL UPDATE (07/07/2020): The first Adventure Boy stage has been made easier. Now instead of going to the beginning after dying, you will re-spawn at the beginning of whichever screen you died on. "Chatterbox" will no longer be receiving any further updates, patches, or other modifications from this point onwards. Feel free to notify me of any other bugs or glitches you find, but know that they will not be fixed in any future update.

Keep your fingers crossed for a much improved "Chatterbox 2" though. ;)

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I like your tails pfp but also your game is literally dogwater just like your discord server. It's very bad and glitchy this game made me so mad and i got stuck at that part were you play a game. maybe being a dev isnt meant to be<3

L-Vireo responds:

Perhaps if you understood the version of GB Studio I was using you’d be less negative about it. If you actually paid attention to my server you might know I’m in the process of remastering the game to improve it. Not every game dev instantly hits it off with their first game.

The game is just perfection, bravo

L-Vireo responds:

I’m super happy you liked it! Although Chatterbox won’t be receiving any new updates, I’m currently developing a sequel in the same style as the original.

So much better than mine! I'm the dev of Stick Adventure. If you're interested, because you said you wanted GBstudio games, a new one is coming soon with overall everything better, including spritework!

L-Vireo responds:

I'm super amped you enjoyed it! I'm excited to see the finished version of Stick Adventure as well! :D

Wow this is suuuuper good especialy on mobile

L-Vireo responds:

Thank you very much! If you ever find a glitch or imperfection, make sure to DM me! :D

i like it but how did a character from Pokemon red got here?

L-Vireo responds:

Thank you for the five-star rating! I'm super pumped you liked the game! To answer your question: Blue's presence in Chatterbox was due to a mistake I made. Blue was only supposed to be a stand-in sprite, but I forgot to replace him when I released the game. Blue has now been replaced. Thanks for letting me know! :D

Credits & Info

2.94 / 5.00

May 6, 2020
9:08 PM EDT
Misc. Kit
  • GB Studio