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Straight ahead // Animated Short Film

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(Copy pasta from my original YT description: original upload date: 28 Oct 2019)

A man finds himself lost in an unknown darkness. No people, no animals; only shadows, silhouettes and one long path, with a single sign labeled "Straight ahead".

Man!! I'm actually surprised I finished this on time!! I had a month and a half to do this, the first couple weeks spend planning, story boarding and scripting. Then starting the 1st of October, I started the animation.

1 month to animate and edit this... Let me advise all you fellow animators out there.. 1 MONTH IS NOT ENOUGH TIME!! Animation takes time, and I know I could have done much better if I wen't pushed for time. It's been very stressful, but I'm glad I'm done.

This is made for the "Six minutes in the spotlight" Short film competition for schools.

____Mistakes that I could have fixed with more time:____

-Around the end, a camera cut isn't instant, causing a wired motion between the 2 joint scenes. You don't see it, but you can notice it.

-Sliding legs. This rig is good, but h e l l to animate; sliding legs were a big problem throughout the whole of this, but even after my final tweaks, I still couldn't fix it.

-Lighting. Lighting (mainly around the end) looked odd, this is because I didn't spend as much time on it as the deadline was closing it, I made it decent, but it isn't the best.

-Sound effects. While writing this, I realized I didn't have any sound effects for the ending, but I don't have time to be scrolling through YouTube trying to find a decent effect.

-Voice work. The voice actor I got to do this was great and did his role well, however, some part's were too fast / sounded too gruff (like an epic trailer kinda voice). As I didn't have the time, I didn't ask for those lines to be redone, however, if I had the time, I would have ;P

Oh, and here is the rig I used if you want to use it (not including face)




___Animation, Concept & script___

*Duskstar Shine (me)


*SharpWind - Audio editing


*Jory42 - Narrator


*Duskstar (me) - Female voice


'Lonesome Journey' by Keys of Moon Music is under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 3.0)

Music promoted by BreakingCopyright: https://youtu.be/p5cWMxzzMdA


Dog rig: Lifecraft

Program: Mine-Imator


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Credits & Info

3.49 / 5.00

May 3, 2020
6:26 PM EDT
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