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The Crime of Horny on Main

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Out of all the cringe compilations, out of all the cringe folders, there has been no greater provider of content than the horny. No quicker will you walk down the path of the awkward and embarrassing than if you choose to listen the horny part of your brain and the internet that thirsts for the sex. The comedy these fools provide is unique to the internet and we're gonna talk about it today.

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I haven't checked your videos in quite a while. The quality has gone up. This one was particularly fun and somewhat witty. Well done!

One thing that I personally didn't like is how you quickly moved from one scene with the logo moving in the background to another one, suddenly and with the logo moving in a completely different direction. It made the jumpo too noticeable instead of just smooth.

PS: It greatly satisfied my OCD that you showed at least once when the logo hit a corner perfectly.

I respect what you're saying but I'm still going to occasionally be horny on main.

Lol at some point your character sits in an alley and the shadows hits just right that if you don't squint at it, the street starts to look like the video's loading/progress bar thingy halfway through. Another thing I noticed is that your character stopped flashing the lights on his computer when speaking.

Also what does "Main" in horny on main stand for?

You've used the word "Horny" as a noun, an adjective and a verb in this video, nicely done.

I remember in a discord server (that is now deleted, thank god for that) I'd visit frequently in my early teenage years, around 13 to 15, I'd say a lot of things that I now would feel disgust by only thinking of saying it. I was dumb back then, but at least I realized "Oh, maybe they don't have to hear that or want to know about it" and slowly I thought more of keeping certain things private instead of being so eager to share it, it's a bit creepy in retrospective.

It's not really that big of an issue except the SIMPS I am a very horny person but I will never make a onlyfans account or give twitch whores money

4O4Tales responds:

I mean if Simping is what brings you joy in life than by all means- I feel like some guys have just given up and only fans is the only way they can interact with women. It's depressing but I don't know their life.

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3.04 / 5.00

May 3, 2020
12:18 AM EDT

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