SPARK (2020)

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A School of Visual Arts Computer Art Thesis Film 2020

In a dystopian factory off-world an old, small, rusty worker robot gets a hold of a golden record that plays a single song that gives him a new purpose in life with a funky rhythm and hip new grove.

Created by

Charles Benevento & Matt Colglazier

our art accounts



Sound: Venessa Flores

Score: Benjamin Sturley

Additional animation: Yu Shu

Additional modeling: Roshel Amuruz

Additional rigging: Jhosshua Sanabria

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I only wish the animation was a lil less stiff and models more modernized? Less Robots-by-Pixar and more EVE-from-Wall-E

The animation is stiff, althou the modles and sound desighn is decent.

Nice animation!

This is a really well made animation! Wish more people could see this