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Jester Jasper

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This FNAF fangame was originally made in 2016 and was posted to Newgrounds under a Scratch > Flash conversion. But now that there's a Scratch > HTML5 conversion tool, the game returns to Newgrounds! It says "(+ source code!! <3)" on the title screen because you can basically take the file for the game and run with it on the Scratch website!



There once was a cereal brand named Jasper Bites, complete with a cereal

mascot, Jester Jasper the cat. One night, at the factory producing the cereal,

a new employee clocks into his first night on the job, manually sorting the two

flavors of Jasper Bites. He also must make sure the place doesn't get broken into, watching the security system for anyone. As he settles in for the night, a co-worker leaves him an introductory voicemail, but one thing doesn't put him at ease. A fan of the cereal made a mascot costume of Jester Jasper that they now keep in the factory.

As if he wasn't afraid of being in a dark, empty place already...mascot costumes have been his biggest fear.

Use the mouse or touchscreen to play!

Use the keys shown to toggle in custom night. (Or the mouse/touch screen)


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good game!

Wowzer, For a scratch game you sure did good, Keep up the OUTSTANDING work.

Great for new grounds! good sound design, decent character models, leats some GOOD game controls, i like the colors, decent story, and overall just a good game! 5 stars!

how did you get this onto newgrounds?

귀여운 프레디의 피자가게 정말감사드리고 잘 플레이했습니다

Dungeonation responds:

당신이 즐거워서 기뻐요!