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A lyrical experiment;

In this narrative game the player faces a dire situation: A pandemic haunts the world so you're stuck home in quarantine, but internet is not working! Without it's endless distractions, what can you do against boredom? Not only that, but can you stay sane though these days when the future is so uncertain and fear is constantly knocking on your door?

" " " It's important to note that the mini-game cannot be completed. Instead, it'll soon be released as a full game here on Newgrounds " " "

Press Z or SPACE to advance the text. Click the choice you want or use the arrow keys and then press Z or Space to chose.

Mini-game controls:

Z - for sword attack and interaction

X - for bow attack

ARROW KEYS/WASD/IJKL - movement and navigating menus

F - fullscreen the minigame

ESC - quit game

Written by GabeMalk

Scene Art by @_zocoloart

Pixel art by ZeroStas

Coding by MSGHero

Songs used:

Memories of Better Times by gurdonark

Winter Night, Summer Day by Beluga Ten

Child's Nightmare by Patrick de Arteaga

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Good game, related to it a lot. I also loved the art style and lighting, really enhanced the mood :D

GabeMalk responds:


Pretty good visual novel! I'd suggest changing the text colour or adding a text box. the black text is difficult to read against the dark background. especially during the parts where the MC is staring at himself in the mirror. Little changes would greatly enhance the experience.

MSGhero responds:

Some people don’t see the text boxes for some reason, and you’re one of them unfortunately. Thanks for pointing it out though

I love this novel! Keep out the great work!

I just... I can't describe, I loved it

This game is really relatable for me, Whenever I am not doing stuff during quarantine, my thoughts just start going and turn darker, not only that but I'm in school, of course right now it is the summer, but when I was doing class, everything felt worse, I had no motivation to go into class. Then I started going online and met some online friends who ended up causing drama and put me through a lot of pain... I've stopped hanging out with them only a few weeks ago, and I still want to go back to them, but I know that if I do they will think that they can treat me worse because then I'll just come back everytime, the reason I hung out with them for a year was because I still kept believing they could change, one of them did a bit, but I'd still constantly deal with drama at least once a week. I always would try to fix their problems and I couldn't stop myself.

Sorry about talking this much, I just wanted to vent

GabeMalk responds:

Turn your pain into something good for you, maybe art, maybe something else. It helps.