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Grimace is Dead

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Grimace is Dead (AKA Fat Man) is a cartoon that uses Pac-Man and McDonald elements to show that North Americans are way overweight due to the fatty content that the so called "fast food" industry pours into society. Main message is, watch what you eat, cause you may be fine now, but in a few years, you'll be sick as @##, and crying to your doctor cause your crapping out your intestines, along with your heart turning into an oily mush. Ronald is Satan, and Grimace is dead!

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Damn You now I'm craving a BIg Mac X_X


this was a total rip off of that commercial with the kid in the mario bros. 3 coin world, where he jumps around eating crap, then gets so fat he can't get the next thing up on the ledge, then passes out. i thought you were better than that...

also... nothing can kill the grimace...

Im loving it!

I'm loving it! lol.

aint it the truth.

the fast food industries have ruined are lives. everywere i look its mcdonalds or taco bell or jack in the box or something like that, its just horrable. and the way its corrupting todays youth with the advertising mostly on kids tv channels like cartoon network or nickoloadeon with gay clowns saying to buy a happy meal or a kids meal or something like that. i just hate watching kids being sucked in by fast food industries ads and watching there parents suffer the consquence just because there kids whine for a kids meal. i think life would be better without fast food. sure its ok once in a while like every one or two months but i see fat moms taking 3 or 4 kids to mcdonalds every day when im on the street. its usually the same one every day. it brings sadness & pain to my heart, like the people that constantly eat at fast food restaraunts pretty much every day, when i see the look on those moms faces when they take there 4 or 5 kids to mcdonalds for a goddamn happy meal. it truly is sad. and for the kids, they cant help it. there tiny fragile minds are being poisoned by talentless clowns or some other gay mascot just to atract those kids to not just to the kids meal but for the all mighty "TOY". that is the only thing thats free. the meal itself is usualy $3.99 or something like that. kids are easliy minipulated just for a toy. and they love the kids meal so they beg there parents to come back for more. but whos fault is it? its a combonation of the parents and the fast food corp. especialy the parents. they have the power to say "no". they should know how bad fast food is. if parents keep doin what there doin to there kids, when the kids become adults,: 1. the next generation of people will be much shorter than the last because of deaths of heart desiese and heart attacks, 2. the kids will grow up to become total slobs, 3. it will continue to make a mockery of the USA, and finaly 4. in the next gen of people, everyone will become too fat and lazy to reproduce (gross fact i know.) therefore there will be the end of the human race.
my morals: 1. fast food is a scam out of our money, 2.it can be the cause of our demise, and 3. RONALD MCDONALD IS A FAG!!!!

that is my observation on fast food service. thank you.

now for the cartoon. sorry this is so long. it had good animation, a very good moral, and overall pretty good.


Pyhsco Bunny is better but...

Very true! (to an extent), Fast Food would be fine if it wasn't an EVERYDAY thing like it has exceeded to be! good flash though (even though you are a complete-unhelpful ass)

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Dec 30, 2002
11:11 PM EST