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A little virus-simulation game I built in my free time over the last month for the NG HaxeFlixelJam.

The idea behind the game was to spread a positive message and encourage people to self-isolate by displaying the effect social distancing can have on lowering the rate of spread of infection.

I hope that, wherever you are right now, you and your loved ones are healthy and safe.

Together, we can beat this thing. #FlattenTheCurve

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Somehow managed to get a 2% infection and 0% Death rate on the first level. I love covid-19 simulation games like these. No Idea how your average is only 3.74, it deserves at least a 4.5 average. I LOVE IT!
Edit: Me: gets three people dead on level 4
Game: 0% death rate
The three people who died: ARE WE A JOKE TO YOU?

this is me when

Got a 7% percent infection rate on the last level! yay, only 2% percent of the population faced a horrible grizzly death....oh wait....should of said that out loud first.

also isnt this the guy ho made pulp ficition

Miltage responds:

No that's Tentin Quarantino

it's kind of disturbing to catch yourself saying "we're just going to let that quadrant die" because in order to quarantine the visibly sick you need to also quarantine a lot of healthy/uninfected people with them