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Color Shift (& finishing games)

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idk just some shitty game i made in like 5 minutes or something?


  • Arrow keys to move through the menu (left and right to change level)
  • Z to select
  • Esc to go back to the menu
  • Enter to pause
  • The rest is explained in-game

I recommend downloading it because I think there's some weird issues with audio in HTML: https://anter2.itch.io/color-shift

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Playing this game, I felt a very close connection to the situation I am in now. The game itself is simple yet gets more challenging as you play. The commentary offers a look into the mental challenges of creating or working. This project offers a lot of meaning to me and the only reason I rate it this way is due to a short overall play time. Maybe if I come back later in life, I'll be able to find more meaning or reminisce. Thank you for an enjoyable experience with some wonderful self-introspection.

really well done game
i can see why the story is distracting as i died a lot trying to read it
but it give a spark to just a normal plataformer
the game mechanics are fun and kinda new
loved the last level

PS: vi que posteaste el juego en el discord de USM

wea wena uwu

Super SUPER relatable.

Many, many years ago, I would make lots of games on this very site, including some rather well known/popular ones. By chance, today, I decided to see what was going on on the site, and stumbled across this, and I think it's honestly the push I needed to start doing shit again.

The last level was really hard, but the conclusion was satisfying enough that it was worth it.
I *live* for seeing the reactions of people having a good time to stuff I make, and also identify with feelings of inadequacy you described.

What I'm trying to say I guess, is, even despite its flaws, I'm glad it exists.
Thank you for making it.

OtroWeonMas responds:

I totally get that living for seeing people enjoying what you make thing. There's nothing quite like it. I'm glad you enjoyed my game, and super happy that it pushed you into making stuff again. Have fun doing stuff! And tell me if you post anything.

336 deaths and 39 levels later I can say. This has been fun. I look forward to more of your games. Now excuse me while I go dust of my wacom tablet.

OtroWeonMas responds:

Thank you! Also, good luck and be sure to tell me if you get something done.