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The Beaver Wars – Rise of the Iroquois

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Author Comments

Follow the Great Law of Peace to victory!

This game simulates the Iroquois Confederation’s conquest of the Great Lakes region of North America in the 17th Century. The Iroquois were a warrior people with a highly democratic form of government, much like the Romans. And like the Romans, the Iroquois launched a series of wars to control the trade of furs along the shores of a large body of water. The Iroquois were so well organized that they almost succeeded in driving a European power, France, out of North America. They did all of this in the face of devastating plagues. There is a lot going on in this game. To win, you must maintain support within the Great Council of the Iroquois Confederation, keep your English and Dutch allies on side, manage the gradual Christianization of your people, and wage a war against a major European power. If you can pull this off, you and the Iroquois will succeed where empires like the Inca and the Aztec failed: surviving contact with Europeans with a significant amount of autonomy and political independence.  

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"Follow the Great Law of Peace to victory!"

"The Iroquois were a warrior people..."

Besides breaking up the wall of text with proper use of the enter key, I suggest you read it before releasing it.

Playing the role of a warrior people, and starting with the premise that peace is the best solution, is a bit contradictory.

But what if the natives had chosen peace? Would they have repelled the invasion?
Obviously the answer is "no", so from a historical standpoint: peace wasn't the answer.

What we have is humans doing what humans do: expanding into "new" lands, and the people there before them get to suffer as a result.

The only viable solution (historically) is to repel the invaders.
Failing to do so is to lose your land, and your civilization.

Really disappointing that total victory with 3 of 3 objectives controlled at the end of the 100 turns does not give a different ending. It was really hard to do!

Edit: I did not expect a monumental change in fortune leading to Iroquois ascendant in the New World, just a slightly different ending text that made any nod at all to the different outcome beyond "3 of 3 victory conditions achieved" instead of "2 of 3 victory conditions achieved".

africacrossgames responds:

To be fair, it is not clear that things would have turned out differently for the Iroquois if they had destroyed New France. Yes, capturing Quebec and Montreal is very difficult (the USA has tired twice and failed!). The British did managed to achieve this with Iroquois help during the French and Indian war. Things did not go well for the Iroquois after that :( The French and Indian war really did not work out for the British in the long run either...many would argue that the American Revolution was directly caused by the British capture of New France.

Lets just assume that Montreal is the cursed fruit of North America. Having captured it, count yourself lucky that a boring and unoriginal ending is the worst of your problems.

Thanks for playing!

Credits & Info

2.99 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2020
12:46 PM EDT