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A Couple of Crickets Animated: The Otaku

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This is a really disturbing animation about Tom Fulp explaining how Otaku's find out about NewGrounds to GoodL and Littlbox who may be scarred for life. It's a true story by the way.


Original Audio: Episode 50 - It's Tom Fulp! & etc.


This animation was suppose to be for the Butter Man Collab for the Couple of Crickets Podcast but it sadly died by a gun shot wound. I know it's sad but it's death shall not be in vain, anyways I had fun creating this and I tried to do a different background style but I don't really like it. Anyways my brain is insane and it can't learn a single thing, it's hard to think of anything intelligent or creative sometimes. Also I've procrastinated a little bit but not to much. Also I'm animating something for the Pet Jam.

I like anime. Also I think I spelled Hentai wrong.

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Good point!