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Disney has lost it's soul part 3: Lion King

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Even as an alien from a different planet Disney has managed to attack my childhood. Today we'll be talking about Lion King!

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Anyone remember the time Disney channel ran an actual lion documentary? I mean a real documentary.

At some point you say that the characters are unrelatable because it looks like a documentary. I'd argue that the movie is worse than a documentary in that aspect, because as a matter of fact documentaries seem to be almost TOO relatable. Whenever I say "Yeah I like leopard seals" on internet forums because I have no real friends, people go full throttle soylent mode saying shit like: "NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooOOOOOOOOO00000000000ooooooo000000o0ooO0oo00 NOT THE PENGERINOS NOOOOO0000000 LEOPARD SEALERINO EAT CUTE IMMACULATE PENGERINO! WAAAAAAAAAA! LEOPARD SEALERINO IS MEANERINO TO THE PENGERINO WAAAAA!". People relate to the penguins so whenever one gets killed by a leopards seal people start crying.

A bit later on you put pink little squiggles on your character while he makes a sick face, despite the fact that in vanilla minecraft pink squiggles correspond to healing. I assume you're trying to imply that your character has nausea, but that would make the squiggles a dark maroon, not pink.

Jalen-ET responds:

Lol I love your comment! btw in the video I also mentioned it probably would have worked better if the movie was done like an actual documentary. I hope you enjoyed this video and please follow me if you wanna see more!

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Apr 25, 2020
10:57 PM EDT