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Afraid of the Dark (trash version)

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Author Comments

Blindly stumble your way through this dark corridor.

Song: "Naoya Sakamata - Sad Piano" is under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 3.0)

Music promoted by BreakingCopyright: http://bit.ly/naoya-sadpiano

Benjamin Wang (ThePatientHusky): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl3QNya9p-BJlk3zQO2mAyA

(For some reason the splash screen is broken)


Art is inspired from Edmund McMillen's amazing creations

This is my first short platformer I've made and published (I don't think scrawler and spud n gun count as platformers), so feedback would be greatly appreciated. There is a weird bug with the jumping animation and I'm working on fixing it.


Move with left and right arrow keys

Jump with space

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Awesome game Daniel!
I love the music, the art, and the asthetic of the game! I also love the progression it makes, teaching you as you go, kind of like "Give Up 2". Just when I felt spikes got boring, you introduced the monsters that chase you, which I think add a much needed feeling of haste. I just wish that they would spawn in a few seconds later; I cant get past one level no matter how hard I try, else I get caught by the demon bat or a spinning sawblade. That's really all I could say against it, along with maybe mix up the design of/ types of hazards, as spike jaws got boring after a while. Other than that, great job for a first official platformer!

nulledwine responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Thanks for telling me about that, I'll work on spicing it up soon.

A simple platformer with a twist.

The twist is that you cant see sh*t and have to get trough levels using trial and error.
The fact that a lot of obsticles require you to follow a strict timing to get past makes the difficulty intensly high. (Not sure how you supposed to figure-out the timing when obstacles make no sounds, and you cant see them most of the time).

By some combination of dumb luck and pure miracle i was able to get tough all the levels and the game told me there is gonna be more levels soon. (Pls no. Or at least make the difficulty more balansed next time.)

Loved the art (especially mine menu and ending scene). The gameplay tough - not so much.

I love the amount of thought and dedication you're putting into this game - it really could be something amazing in the future! A few notes i have. 1- Movement to the left and right makes the camera jerk a bit. 2. I like the thought you're putting into the art, but it seems like I'm not getting to appreciate most of it because of the darkness. I love the smoothness of the walking animations, but I really couldn't tell that there were any at first because of the black stick arms and legs up against the dark background. The strange figures dangling from the ceilings, because they're completely black, look more like thick ropes or vines to me. You'd have to make it a little bit easier to tell what they are for them to be truly creepy. 3 - Maybe I'm just bad at platforming, but it seems like the player's a bit too big and slow to maneuver very well. Just my thoughts. I really hope you keep up with this game, you've got a great idea behind it!

Edit: Finally found the actual strange figures that weren't ropes. Definitely a bit creepier, but I think my comment about contrast still stands, and with the ropes as well. The ropes especially should have some color to them, so that the player knows they're not just decorative.

nulledwine responds:

Thank you for your honest feedback,
Thanks for telling me about the camera jerking, I'll try to fix that with more contrast and lights, and up the intensity on the player's light so the animations are more visible.
I figured that as well for number 3. I'll attempt to speed him up.
Thanks again!

It's an interesting idea, but I'm finding it literally impossible because I can't even find the second platform.

Edit: I jumped to a platform past the spikes then couldn't find the next one.

Also is it meant to be possible to see anything? I only see text and everything else is black. If so an option to change the contrast (or background colour) would help

nulledwine responds:

All levels are possible, I completed the whole thing several times.
Can you elaborate on second platform?

Credits & Info

3.03 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2020
9:11 PM EDT