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Soul Seed

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In this pleasantly short platformer, you must keep the corrupted tree alive while finding a way to heal it.



Z - action


P - pause

M - mute

ESC - restart

Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 46

Music by InspectorJ (Jonathan Michael Shaw)

Vote: LDJam

Hit me up on twitter if you have any questions: @unept

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a fun little game

I think this was solid! Having a "companion" to take care of can be annoying, but having its care be tied to progression keeps it interesting. I like that aspect of having to physically transport things back to a central hub -- your knowledge of where water is / where the closest shortcut to the tree is put to the test, which is great for a Metroidvania-style game.

In a larger game, it might be interesting having to juggle more resources/timers so players can try to figure the fastest / most efficient routes. Temporary power-ups could be tied to managing other corrupted objects? There's definitely room for more ideas! As is I think it's a nice, short take on the genre :-)

Too short =)

Lots of retracing your steps without any challenge

Unept responds:

Ease off Jonathan Blow it’s a jam game

Great game! This is my favorite you've made, even beating out Disposabot - which I *loved*. I really dug learning which doors led where to balance resources, it made it satisfying to pull off some close calls by planning water collection ahead.

Unept responds:

Disposabot fan! :)