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Stray Shot

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** RULES **

- Every stray bullets will turn into a monster.

- You have 1:30 to make the best possible score.

- Use <z> to shoot

- Hold <z> to strafe

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very fun and interesting game. it looks great and is so smooth to play!

It's a fun little game. If people still could play locally, it'd be smashing... Damn pandemic.

Really wacky concept! A bit confusing to figure out everything though. At first when I noticed that stray shots spawn enemies, I though stray shots were to be avoided: like, I thought it was gonna be you go through levels of enemies and you have to watch your shots so you don't end up making things harder for yourself: count your shots and all that. But then I figured out that, while that is true, you don't want to spawn enemies to overwhelm yourself, you actually kinda do as well since that gives you more points! It's really wild: its like you are intentionally setting your own difficulty and building your own challenge based on how you shoot. It can be a bit confusing to learn the concept as it's not immediately apparent and could use some more tutorialization, but once I got my head wrapped around it, it is a lot of fun! Wish I could shoot diagonal, but it works as it-is just fine.

Nice game ... you can attend before starting

Really love this game, the stray shot idea is a brilliant concept. I will have to steal that idea at some point 5/5. Any one else just hold down fire to see what happened :). I'd like to see how it played if player and aliens were limited to the grid for movement.