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GMSU 04-23-20!

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Big 'ole news day today. Grab ya' coffee and get ya Shut Up on!

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oh wow, great newscast with this character!!!


And another fun one in the books this one seemed a tad shorter then the others but was a good choice so nice job here some funny character and fun elements I like the video style here.

None needed


Can't believe I hadn't heard of Sarenna Lee before, though difficult name to spell hmm... took a few tries. maybe a bit much package picturing going on here but good stuff otherwise! Always entertaining.


Been a fan since the fetus song. Glad you're still making stuff, man.

threebrain responds:

haha Tanks! Imma get my bass back out soon

Aww, I missed the weather duck. That alien is really messed up. When you talked about someone being shot in Canada, I thought you were talking about the recent mass shooting. Hmm, I guess it is hard to joke about something like that. Still, we can make anything funny. That alien is messed up.

I love how you consistently make cartoons. It must be hard to make something every day. That breast implant story is really funny. Here I was thinking they were a bad thing. I looked her up and she's pretty obscure.

threebrain responds:

hahaha yes it is hard. I need to figure out how to make it easier :-O Yeah Shing Fla is a nut. He needs some accessories like a bloody knife or hatchet.

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Apr 23, 2020
3:22 AM EDT