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Pupper Truckers

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? Controls:

- WASD = Movement

- E Key = Upgrade, when near Truck

- R Key = Repair, when near Truck

? Gameplay:

- Retrieve scrap to upgrade and repair your rig as it defends you against waves of enemies

- Upgrades are randomly applied according to how much scrap you have banked

? Modules/Upgrades:

- Laser Turret: Big ol' zaps

- Pulse Wave Turret: Get away from me

- Chain Laser Turret: Zap a bunch

- Sheilds: Protec

- Trailers: To attach things to

Visit us online: https://www.zambo.fun   

Soundtrack: https://soundcloud.com/zambonimacaroni/sets/pupper-trucker-ost

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in my opinion this was one of the most unique tower defense games i have ever played and i would love to see more waves, more upgrades and just more content for this game as a whole

This game is like a "moving-tower defense!" I think that the HUD could be improved a bit to display the amount of scraps you have. I kinda just spammed 'E' and 'R' by my rig until I got something. Great concept though! Would love to see this expanded :)

things could be a bit clearer like how 1 scrap doesnt actually repair anything or how upgrades work