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Author Comments

Macrowave is a challenging top down beat 'em up/shooter in which you have to fend off increasingly difficult waves of unique enemies and hazards, while protecting a living, dumb and fragile macaroni from any and all danger. This creature is extremely incompetent and will jump into danger for no reason. The only way you can control this behaviour is by picking it up to carry it around ,place it somewhere else or even throw it.


Since you only have one pair of hands, you can not effectively damage your foes while carrying the noodle, so you are forced to quickly switch between punching enemies, putting the noodle as far away from enemies as possible and even using weapons. You will encounter many aliens. Some will try to eat the macaroni, some will try to slice it in half, some will try to shoot missles from a far and some will even try to shoot it.

Taking damage in this game can't kill you, you will just be stunned for a certain time while having to watch these deadly red creatures inch closer to your beloved piece of pastry. There are five waves in total. Though this is already challenging enough, theres also an endless mode for those looking for a bigger threat.


Weapons like knifes and guns can give you a big advantage aswell, but since you can't look after mac, who is jumping all over the place, they are very risky to use aswell. You can throw knifes and guns, and while you're at it, throw them at enemies to kill them instantly.

Any and all feedback, criticism and encouragement would be greatly appreciated

NOTE: I have never eaten mac and cheese and this wasn't a mac and cheese themed beat and up from the start

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Pixel art graphics make this look like a standard game, but it is not. This game is all about protecting Mac. If Mac could take more than one hit, then the challenge level would be more forgiving. It was very slow when I would throw a weapon, that action should be much quicker.

Good game! A mix of Tactics and hardness. Well if you die (Especially at endless mode), you get madness! (BRUH THIS IS A MASTERPIECE!)

Perfect challenge, great character and mac sprites, everything is great! Would rate more if i could.

It's a nice, fun, juicy game of punching the heck outta goons while dragging Mac around. Solid presentation all-around through good graphics, sound, and game feel. Neat take on an escort-type gameplay, which can notoriously be very frustrating to do. My initial introduction to the game was very frustrating due to the unintuitive controls, however. It feels like the button to pick up things should be the button to put things down, for example. Why can I drop Mac, but I can't drop a knife and have to throw it instead? Throwing seems way too slow and too much of a death trap (also I wish I could pickup and throw enemies, but that's fine without). It didn't make sense either that I couldn't punch, stab, or shot in every direction when enemies could: it made things more challenging, sure, but it was very odd seeing enemies be able to do it when you can't.

Prox276 responds:

Thanks for the constructive criticism!


Credits & Info

3.70 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2020
12:27 PM EDT
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