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Ninja and Mouse

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10x 10 Points

Ended the game with a combo of 10x or more

20x 10 Points

Ended the game with a combo of 20x or more

50x 10 Points

Ended the game with a combo of 50x or more

500x 25 Points

Ended the game with a combo of 500x or more

999x 25 Points

Ended the game with a combo of 999x or more

Kept it Alive 25 Points

Helped Ninja save Mouse

Overachiever 25 Points

Had a high enough combo to win and left the shop

9999x 50 Points

Ended the game with a combo of 9999x or more

32767x 100 Points

Ended the game with the highest possible combo

Author Comments

Ninja and Mouse is a PICO-8 game I made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 46.

Ludum Dare is a game jam where game developers are presented with a theme, and given a limitied amount of time to make a game based around that theme.

This time the theme was "Keep it alive."

I had a lot of fun making it and I hope you have a lot of fun playing it!


  • Left/Right = Move
  • Z/X = Actions

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fun but hard

i got the max score and the game ended abruptly as soon as i hit it but it didn't save it. big sad

Mouse: "Yay! You have enough to lift the curse!"

Ninja: "Lift the curse? Nah bro, already did that. I need to get a high score now"


Ninja: "I need to slap you into outer space 32,667 more times"


Even if some of it's features are trash I still like it. Because of a bug I could not press "Z" to send my score when I reached maximum combo. https://imgur.com/a/APE68LY

Hi there! :3

I kinda felt like I had to write this sort of review to point out the very unique way of which the upgrade system changes the game in.

Nice game! For being made in a 48 hours game jam and keeping me playing for five times longer than the average game I play it was quite jolly good especially since I have not found any bug yet more than with the API.

Quite curious about what got you to choose just those characters to put in a game like this. I mean a ninja heading a mouse makes ppl think "(>_>) rly?? (._.) (´-`) (._.) (´-`) (._.) ... well that was new". I like that the ninja is blue. It is a beautiful colour.

The 'upgrades' or downgrades as I would call most of them are what makes this game stand out. Normally an upgrading system is intended to make the game easier or unlock new features, or what my fellow friends on Kongregate would say, "make the game better". In this game there are only some certain upgrades that work that way.

Homing dash - Useful! If you know how to use it.

Homing lock-on - Useful! Until it always covers up the distance to mousy if you happen to not reach it in time.

Bonus life - Useful!

Combo Multiplier - Useful! Until it would take longer to reach your goal buying it than not.

Mouse weight - Useless. The game gets harder since the mouse falls faster when it is time to head it making your reaction time shorter from when it gets visible on screen and the shown height decrease faster making it harder to see the mouses current height, and since it takes longer for the mouse to come back, making you progress slower.

Extra jump - Useless.

Combo bonus - Useful! Until it would take longer to reach your goal buying it than not.

Run Speed - Useless. The game gets harder since you move faster, duh.

Jump height - Useless. The game gets harder after a certain amount of times you buy it since you actually can pass the mouse when you jump making mousy hit the ground.

Lift curse - Useful!

Leave shop - Useful! Lol.

The game API seems to not work properly for all D;} I usually don't mind it but I completed the game by reaching the combo cap and got a 'little' disappointed when I did not get anything for it. I'm just saying some players may tape some plastic bags over their head after such a horror scenario. It seems like the API usually works upon starting the game, but can break whenever and thus not start working again until you load the page again, eventually. I don't know if it is something you can fix. Should we perhaps persaps blame Newgrounds?? If it cannot be fixed I lay my vote on removing highscores and medals.

Time for playing tips :o

This game could be quite a pain in the ass if you have to start over after a long playing session because of unexpected results. Therefore I am here to help ~(^_^)~ Help you who are in need of a helping hand (v*-*)> Some things are always unpredictable, like having to wipe your little sister when she yells she is done from the bathroom while you are at your last life with a combo of 25390 (u_u) Therefore you should ALWAYS stack up with extra lives from when you feel it isn't worth starting over because you spared whatever combo that extra life costs.

The two combo rising upgrades are best in second hand (after the life adding upgrade), but they get worse each time you buy it and after a while they do not benefit you anymore. When they cost several thousands they are downgrades even if you reach for a combo of 32767 (max combo). Let's say you aim to lift the curse which could be purchased for a combo of 100 in the shop. If you never buy the combo rising upgrades it would take at least 100 strikes of immense pain for mousy to get the curse lifted. However, if you always buy the combo rising upgrades as soon as you can it would most likely take even longer. Look at the price of the upgrade. If it is more than 25 it won't benefit you. When you buy a combo rising upgrade you should always choose the cheapest. Lifting the curse ends the game and you have to start over. You are supposed to get a medal for it.

The homing dash upgrade lets you get to mousy by pressing X each eleventh second or so, if you are in range. It is useful when you fear your dear mousy would land without you being able to head it. I reached max combo without buying Homing dash, so the upgrade is not nessessary.

To sum it up I don't really care to sum up my reviews but hey this is quite long isn't it?? The length of the game was quite good but playing till you reach the combo cap is boring so it would be better if it could be sped up a bit but then so it becomes clear for the player how to speed up the combo gain so people would not sit consentrated much longer than is needed. Speaking of knowing how a game could become a lot easier, there is potential of being a bit more generous with tips so we don't have to figure things out ourselves. It's a bit of a taste thing how much help the player should have with figuring things out. A puzzle or strategy game is more or less made for being figured out by the player, but a skill game is supposed to make progress mainly based on how well you master a skill. So yeah it is a question about which genre this game classify as lol :) I like the sky :O The artwork is overall fancy to see. I notice however that there is nothing above the clouds. To make it interesting you could put things higher up making the player curious of what could be seen where you have not reached yet. Then the player could have a side goal to see how the highest place looks like. It is possible to reach quite high. At least a thousand pixels. I really like the fact that there are two good endings in this game. One easy for buying yourself the victory, and an other that is alot harder for grinding out the currency. More games should have multiple endings. I think as said that this game was rather good for a 48 hours game jam. It fits the theme very well too. How did you score by the way?

Poor mouse

Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2020
12:48 AM EDT
  • PICO-8