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Edit 2022 FUCK FUCK FUCK THISTSUPID FUCKING SHIT! I hate this fucking thing so damn much! I didn't wanna work on this I got ripped off I got fucked over! I wanted to do my new robot thing. Not this shit!!! I was trapped in a year long leease that my retard dad signd for me without my consent. I couldn't sign a lease in Thailand cuz I was an illegal immigrant! I wasted 8 months on this fucking crapcrapcrap! Fuck everyone! I was 22 I don't wanna be older than 22. I didn;t get to go to collage or anything. no one taught me shit. I fucking hate this shit. my idiot fucking dad fucked me over. Newgrounds fucked me over. I would have preferred prison time over working on this! I made it with a fucking faulty tablet which made it take longer than it needed to. I hadn't taken a fucking break ever. I hope that place My dad trapped me in gets destroyed. I fucking hate that place! I wouldn't have sacrificed my cube if I ended up getting trapped working on this shit! I hate this fucking shit so much! Fuck my idiot retard pseudo intellectual dad. NG should have done everything they could to get me money! They should have sacrificed some of the nightmare cops workers pay and get payed a little less and paid me a little, So I could Make what I want. I wanna fuck shit up! I worked since I was a kid so I could work on my stuff, I shouldn't have ever had todo freelance stuff. If I came from a fucking reasonable background, I could have gone to uni and just worked on my stuff! But instead I was trapped in thailand as an illegal immigrant my entire life cuz my fucking retard deluded prick dad stopped paying my visa when I was 12. My passport expired when I as 16. FUCK EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT: (2021 May 30) I fucking hate this shit! It was like solitary confinement almost. Fuck the human race for letting me get fucked over!

EDIT: (2021 Feb 12) I was really stupid putting a lot of work into this commission for the price. I feel deep regret over this fuckin thing. The people that hired for this did The singing or whatever. I had to listen to this everyday for like 8 months! the tablet I was using was shitty. My self worth was so low at the time which might be the reason I was able to let myself get fuked up the arse. It was counter productive to work on this, I'm not over it! I'm pissed. Whatever...

You can contact me at OrganizedApeShape@gmail.com if you wanna hire me to do animation or something flavored in that coin.



If anybawdy knows of anybawdy hiring fools like me PLS sned me a snack mac.

I was commissioned to do this for neebs gaming like a GameGrumps animated kinda thing. I spent way too long on it.

I am so on/un coned. They were gonna upload it to their chinnel around last year Christmas, But they may end up not uploading it due to the joke being too creepy or whatever. But Jon Etheridge said I could upload it to a NewerGround.

if you like this Subscribe on newtube or yougrounds, I'll have a new video out soon.

I feel like the girls design is a Pancake design>:(

tacky eyebrowes in my case is an _(under whaled (alment-miln))_

If you wanna gimme money for free, Feel free ---> Patreon There's nothing on there at the molment but I'll start putting stuff on patreon soon, like unfinished stuff.

The music in this is from NG (Sex at the Picture Show) iu_112697_2689205.jpg

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neves I wanna touch dem boobs

What. The. Fuck.

gosh man

Your animation is some pretty inspiring stuff! I have checked some of your other videos and you've come a loooooong way! Fantastic work! :)

OrganizedApeShape responds:

Hey thanks mangle, we should go to the hopshop.

im comparison to your other work this is pretty increadable

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Apr 19, 2020
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