SCPlease Let This Be The Last

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SCP-049 wants to escape the facility but needs an army to do it. He'll meet other SCPs along the way in this rather pointless SCP Secret Lab animated parody.

Somehow it's been a whole year since the lasat SCPlease video, not sure how that happened. I wanted to make a video from the SCPs viewpoint for a while but could never write anything I thought was worth animating. Hopefully this was? May make a Part 4 but have no ideas for it atm...

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The Voice Actors:

SCP - 079: Brent Oliver


SCP - 049: Kieran Flitton


SCP - 173: RoniX


Barry / SCP - 049 - 2: JRoyalVA


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Perfect censorship, "SON IF A BI-" "so ya think I'm useless now?"

When you're 079 and the guy that killed your friend is 049
*Alfpha Warhead activation sound*

Really Cute and silly! 5 Stars and Fav. :D

TMJBtv responds:


Basically My First Game As SCP Lmao.