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Lolmetaknight's Joyful Adventure

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Hey guys long time no see! I just decided to do some crap about my past self (lolmetaknight).

Enjoy it took me 10 billion years to make!!!

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this was absolutely perfect.
the lolmetaknight MUST return in your future movies, man!
i used to love watching how your old character, lolmetaknight, fought VS hiii111, or how he founded the ''waldo world'' and kept on making hilarious movies, and on how you always did good spammy loops, or full fledged parodies about random NG things, madness, or about hiii111's latest antics...

this reminded me the good old days... good times!

good drawings of the characters, funny face expressions, nice sounds effects, and i loved the humour in it, just like the part where lolmetaknight kisses krinkels, LOLZ!

perfect movie, the lolmetaknight returns! 10/10.

i don't know what the fuck i just watched but i loved it

Doctor-Gordon responds:

it was me back in the old days

the good doctor has returned