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Doom+Animal Crossing

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honestly i am just waiting for someone to figure out how to make a villager who has the helmet and what not so we can basicly make it cannon in a nut shell cause seriously lets face it its just begging to be done we already have the ability to put in custom images in our home funny i never played it but i seen plunty of people doing it already so we can have it where inside the house are pictures of our beloved isabella and doom guy together in the house and the main thing that is stopping us at least for now is getting a doom guy helmet evertthing ells is pretty much in place the only thing missing is that 1 iconic thing to make it cannon still cool^_^keep up the good work

In a near future, Tom Nook decides to start a cult and perform demonic rituals to tax hell itself with debt and loans.

0/10 not enough Isabelle.
JK, this was great. A few sound effects maybe could have helped, but the world and character designs are really detailed and spot-on. The animation does a good job of capturing the animal crossing vibes, even in a hellish setting.
I love stop-motion animation, so I’ll be following this account to see what you make next. Nice work!

Does that mean that in an alternate universe, Isabelle is slaying all the animals in the island, making a bloody massacre ?!
I wanna see that ! :D

Very nice :) You have created a great environment, but you can make it more alive by adding more sounds.

Credits & Info

3.64 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2020
3:11 AM EDT