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Namedoors, and other poems

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Author Comments

"Namedoors, and other poems" is a personal game about stuff that happened in my life. It's a collection of 20 of my poems, read by me.


Space - action button, press it to start the game, read poems and knock on doors

WASD keys or arrow keys - move around

If you want to see my other games, please visit my website.

You can also follow me on Twitter.

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cool concept, interesting prose-like poems. nice!

Dang dude this was really cool. I thought the poems were great and somehow made me feel warm and light like fire, while still feeling heavy like the lead it can melt. I especially liked/connected with "Chameleon" and "Border" except instead of telling her "I'll meet you at the border of the Universe" I told her "I hope you live forever so you can drift through it alone", ha...

Thanks for making this and giving a creative insight to your life and feelings!

i really liked ! it was a nice experience

prity boring not bad tho

Not too shabby. Wasn't the most impressive game from a production standpoint, but it did make me think about stuff in my life by reading the poems, so it was an intense, but nice, emotional experience and I think you accomplished the goal well.